Here in Minneapolis, we're digging out from over a foot of fresh snow this morning.  I noticed an interesting correlation while I was out shoveling.  There are 6 houses on my street and all of the church-y people were out with their snowblowers.  All of the non-churchy households were shoveling.  I wonder if this reflects a sense of self-sufficiency and willingness to do the heavy lifting by your self...any thoughts?


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...blush.... Kinda embarassed to say this, but when we were Christians we used to shovel our neighbors sidewalk.  I don't think it was anything intentional when we stopped but more of a coincidence.  Thanks for reminding me to be a good neighbor, I think I'll go out and take care of her yard now.

Aww, what a sweet picture!  And WOW that's a lot of snow!  My kids would've been out in our snowpile too but we've all had that tummy bug going around.  I think you got more snow than we did here in Erie, PA! I can't say I blame anyone for not wanting to shovel that, my back hurts thinking about it.

Maybe they prefer doing it the more economic way compared to the break your back way.

If I could afford a snow blower when I needed one, I would have definitely gotten one.  Now it is kind of pointless, since where I live, I will only have to shovel 3 times a year on average.

We had about 40 inches of lake effect last week here in Syracuse, and I was out with the snow blower 3 days in row, thankful for the good engineering and science that saved me the hard labor. I think an irrational love of hard labor sounds more like a Puritan religious idea to me.

My take is that the shovel is more environmentally friendly than the blower, takes up less space in my small, tight garage, and as a youngish, strongish person the exercise does me good.  For older folks or those in poorer health I willingly concede that a snowblower is a great thing and don't mean to imply otherwise.  All of the people I was discussing are similar situation to me- relatively young, healthy men.  And I don't mean to imply any sexism either- my wife was out shoveling right beside me and does a great job of it.

I'll grant you it has less environmental impact ( shovel = 0 ). I think in the grand scheme I probably do more environmental damage with the laptop I'm typing this on then with my snow blower. So maybe my point was just that: no I don't think use of snow blowers, even if only out of pure laziness has anything to do with being religious.

We may get another 8" to a foot here tonight so I'll be out tomorrow morning enjoying my god less snowblower.
By the way great pic of kids in snow cave.

by definition i'm not church-y and i have a big ass snowblower.... not sure where that puts me.....

maybe i'm godless and lazy....

Possible.  Interesting.

I'm 70 and have never used a snow blower.  Although it's drier than a popcorn fart this year in Colorado (except in the mountains) we usually  get huge upslope storms 3 or 4 times a year.  In the future I plan to pay some young strong back to do the heavy lifting - it'll still be cheaper than a snow blower.




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