What is it about indoctrinating religion into a person that causes critical thinking to fossilized? Sometimes religion doesn't give the brain a chance to break in to get it running smoothly like one would do for a new engine. It seems for millions of people, religion puts a choke-hold on thinking and instead, pans out cookie cutting ideas and ethics that was handed down for thousands of years. I am not sure how I can explain this but by my own example.....sometimes I struggle critical thinking to the point that I get mental fatigue and frustrated. I can express things through using metaphors,  allegories , imagery and the likes quite easily. (These a great tools for being sarcastic without the other person being aware of it) However, were I  to write or think out the when, where, hows , why, and what  to write out a process about, say, racism or how to make a birdhouse I stumble through swamps of confusions ( see? I just did a imagery and metaphor).  Religion do use imaginations as a foothold on kids. I have all the mental pictures and ideas in my head, but putting it down on paper and make all the ideas connect smoothly is like car driving while  minding the back seat screaming kids while a cat is thumping under your car....oy vey!

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Yes, I remember you said this before:

Reply by Loren Miller on July 10, 2013 at 6:17am

I've said it many times, Edison: belief is easy.  Knowing is HARD.


Reading your essay brought up an old memory of what I read during my college years. This is what George Orwell had to say:



I think Orwell was making it a point about a style of writing and how the English  language world got sloppy. But the way I see it just as you said, intellectual laziness.

John, I agree, and I am working on improving grammar, spelling, and content. I intend to write about what matters to me or concerns me. 

I invite criticism. 

John and Joan,

The George Orwell essay was an assignment given to us by our English teacher in jr college. We were to just simply read it and be prepared to discuss it next class.

Two days later during our class session, teacher asked us who read the essay. All  raised our hands. Ok..."Who enjoyed reading it and appreciated it?" Only two raised their hands......myself and another guy. There were about 20 students in our class. We broke into smaller groups to discuss the essay. I was lucky to be in the same group as the other guy who raised his hand....he was thin, sandy blonde hair, checkered shirt and blue jeans. Harry Potter glasses and a Mona Lisa smile.My group didn't know what to say about the essay and myself included I was fumbling for words of my own assessment and pretty much failed.

  But, I don't remember what he said but I do remember the impression he made....this guy was an intellectual giant. I felt a door open up and I entered the room he was painting. Every word he spoke was a brush stroke of bright colors.

Anyways....from that guy language became a living entity....come to think of it....it seems religion dulls our language.

Maybe we should add spontaneous language to our Christian hit list?

John E, as usual, I like your post.

John, you are so, so, so correct. And I can't emphasize enough the fact that we are "created with equal rights"! One person, one vote! Let's get corporations defined correctly!

And furthermore, U.S. high abstention level of voting:

“Take voting, The United States has a pretty high abstention level—people who don’t vote. And that’s been investigated with interesting results. … [U.S. non-voters’] socioeconomic profile matches those in Europe who vote for labor-based or social democratic parties. That sector of the population in the United States just doesn’t vote, because nothing represents them. There are no such parties.”

~Noam Chomsky: America is only a democracy for the 1 percent

Labor-based or social democratic parties?

Hm-mm, I didn't read enough Chomsky, school history books are collections of lies, and "Founding Finaglers" describes them better.


Does that explain why the world wealth (some say 85% others say 40%)  is owned by 1% of the population?

John, when I was taking courses for teacher certification I heard that the move for public education started when only white male property owners were allowed ro vote, and that it won the support of business interests when they saw that educated employees would increase their profits.

It would seem as though education becomes inconvenient when it empowers the average Joe to remove the wool which those with their hands on the controls have pulled over his eyes.


Without education, we are in a horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously.

--G.K. Chesterton

Yeah, JFK's so-called "best and brightest" swallowed the falling dominoes theory for war in Viet Nam.

Post-war (~1978) news told of Chevron negotiating for oil-drilling rights in the Tonkin Gulf with Red China. That damn war was about oil.



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