Darrel Ray, author of "The God Virus" explains how religion is like a virus and, in a video, how it can be transmitted sexually.


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All life is mortal. We are all destined to die. At this very moment, we are all slowly dieing.
This dreadful situation is propagated by sexual activity. Without sex, this affliction would end within a single generation and there would be no more deaths. Life itself is clearly a sexually transmitted disease.

OK, of course this is a disingenuous argument, both obvious and intellectually trivial. I make it only to note that a wide range of activities can be deemed to be sexually transmitted, given a broad enough interpretation. However, when words are permitted to stretch so widely, they tend to lose their meaning and hence their usefulness.
Hugh: Thanks for posting your article and the video. I will be putting another segment up in a couple of weeks. I was totally surprised at how many views the video got in the first 5 days - 3,000. That is by far more than any of my other videos got in their first couple of months. Seems to hit a nerve. I appreciate your work.
I think all the evidence supports the fact that religion is not sexually transmitted. Possibly the "I'm stupid,I,ll believe anything" gene is sexually transmitted the same way eye color and nose shape is, but religion requires serious brain washing, post partum.




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