Has anyone here become more against religion over time? Before religion didn't really bother me, but whenever I see something religious now it pisses me off. If I found a bible, cross or some other religious figure I would probably end up burning it.

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I never said nukes are the ultimate end game. Nuclear weapons are still deadly either way.

Read my discussion on Prejudice me? and let me know what you think.

I  guess some would call it "anti-religious talk" and I suppose there are a lot of negative descriptors. However if I describe events as accurately and concretely as I can muster and my rationale for my descriptions, that is not anti-religion, it is speaking of the world as I see it. I don't think anything anyone has written on this site has written any untruths. IMHO. If I write an untruth, I expect to be challenged and appreciate the reminder that I may have gone over the line. 
I especially want confrontations when I handle religion in ways that Ruth calls "poo", fecal matter, a virus, a meme that passes along religious themes. Relying on my old teaching days, I will give anyone a sticker for catching me in such an error. 

Do you feel that you were trained how to cope with the world that is mostly religous?  Since you were raised without religion and I was raised with it I am wondering if we may feel the same despite the difference.  I feel very unskilled in someways on how to cope and make the best of a stinky situation:)


Same here!

Do you think there is a difference in ability to change and cope with the changes in the world considering being atheist in the respect of the sexes?  Do women cope better than men and why?

My two cents worth. I think it is because more and more politicians (teabaggers, etc.) and other public figures are now shoving it all into our faces. That and because most of the xtians I know have become VERY militant about their beliefs. It seems the ones who talk about love of Jesus the most have become the most hateful about everything else! I hope it is just a stage this country is going through and the conservative Jesus fanatics will scream themselves into irrelevance.    

Sometimes I get so annoyed that I purposefully go into stores and turn crosses upside down and religious paintings backwards. Last night I wanted to go to the local Dodge dealer and turn all their vehicles upside down but I figured that one might land me in jail!

I keep telling myself that I'm going to start carrying the fiction warning stickers for copies of the Bible that I find in thrift stores, but I haven't gotten that brave yet, however it's likely to happen, I'm feeling particularly motivated of late.  

I would actually love that! I'm in a dangerous area to act this way and looking for partners in crime!

I would like to put an upside down cross on a church.

Mother nature tends to do that quite often down here, turns steeples right side up!

I do a lot of road trips with my brother and find, in every motel room, a Gideon bible.  I carry with me a bunch of stickers which I stick on the cover of each bible I encounter.  I doubt it does much good but it makes me feel so much better.


The contents of this book contains vivid depictions
of rape, murder, genocide, incest, violence,
intolerance and gross human rights violations
Children and impressible adults should not be
exposed to its contents. It can cause delusions,
hallucinations and have a detrimental effect on
cognitive and objective reasoning abilities




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