Has anyone here become more against religion over time? Before religion didn't really bother me, but whenever I see something religious now it pisses me off. If I found a bible, cross or some other religious figure I would probably end up burning it.

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Ali, in our search for work abroad this has been ever present in my mind, I think it is my greatest fear that we will find 'gainful' employment with good benefits in a country that will literally stifle me and drive me further inward. Living in the south of the U.S. has been dangerous at times, living in Iran or Saudi ( the later of which we were considering), would be dangerous for me all the time. I'm glad you have some form of outlet, I can't imagine not being able to vent to loved ones. 

The Middle East would not be a good place for atheists to live because some (if not all) of the countries there think not believing in any religion is a crime.

Well, you would be in more of a hell if Israel, the United States or other NATO members start bombing Iran. Something about the nuclear project there.

@Tammy: surprisingly after a while you get used to the situation i guess, but there is that pain which you will carry, it's like being born with no legs, it's always painful but you learn to live with it.

@Dustin: it's not only a crime but they would hang you for it, and in more dramatic cases even if you leave the country they will put a reward on your head (i am not joking it has happened before), and you know one of the main feature of this living hell is it can always.... always gets worst, who am i to deny that!!!

I know Ali I have read about it. The Middle East would not be a good place for me to live, especially with my big dislike in religion. Things have gotten worse with Iran in the past few months worldwide. Here in Canada the government actually cut diplomatic ties with Iran, closed its embassy in Tehran and expelled Iranian diplomats from Canada in September. They cited Iranian foreign policy, support for the Syrian government, violations of human rights, threats against Israel, the Iranian nuclear program and security concerns for its diplomats to cut relations with Iran, which in my opinion was a good move. We don't need any trouble from Iran.

Interesting, Dustin.

Relative to Canada, my US of A has PTSD symptoms: an expectation of conflict and a need to use violence.

Their reasons could be just a load of crap too though because I am aware governments lie about things. People say the Iranians are using their nuclear project to make nuclear weapons and others say it is just for nuclear power purposes so I don't really know which is the correct one.

Though I have always been pretty anti-religion, the antics of the extremely religious in the last few years has become so bad that I know many walking away from the church after devoting their whole lives to it for decades. I am the same way, when I see a cross, bible, bumper stickers endorsing religion, etc I just get irritated beyond belief; one could even say offended. It's gotten so bad that I can't stand driving by churches or anything. Unlike my religious counter parts, however, I have self control and accept that there are others out there whose belief and opinions differ from mine. I guess what really gets me is that they cannot control themselves. When they're offended, oh goodness, do we get to hear about it. Not just from them, but in the newspapers, on FACEBOOK *gah*, on the evening news and even in some cases at school. Very annoying.

Anyway, yes, I understand haha.

The thing with religion is that I see it more than a belief system. I see it as a system for commiting crimes and unnecessary doings.

No, I don't get mad or upset when I see bibles or churches or whatever.  I really feel sorry for those people.  I really can't imagine being so emotionally immature that you can't get through life without relying on an imaginary friend.  Kids give up Santa at like 8 or 9 yet these religious people spend countless hours talking (praying) to no one not to mention they money they waist.  Being so empty inside that you have to fill your life with mythology and superstition is really just pathetic. 

Karl, "Being so empty inside that..." says it well.

I often say "People with sprained ankles need help walking", adding that I don't let them require me to use crutches."

I can imagine their emotional insecurity. Being unfree allows people to blame others; being free requires people to introspect. My own experience tells me this isn't easy for people who were taught early by religion that they are evil/inadequate/helpless/etc.

Hm-mm, second thoughts about our metaphors. emptiness needs something to fill it; healing needs favorable conditions. I guess botth are necessary. 

I like that thought Tom:  "People with sprained ankles need help walking", adding that I don't let them require me to use crutches."


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