Has anyone here become more against religion over time? Before religion didn't really bother me, but whenever I see something religious now it pisses me off. If I found a bible, cross or some other religious figure I would probably end up burning it.

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Me too! The older I get the more ridiculous belief in supernatural becomes. I find it silly, boring, uninteresting, and even evil, if not in intent, in practice. I try really hard to perceive it as a virus, or as Ruth says, "Poo" as in fecal matter, that I pass around by calling attention to it. The last thing I want to do is "pass it on" like dysentery. 

My intent is to spread the wonder of being, and of doing, and of belonging, and of thinking, realizing you and I are made of the stuff of stars. I want to celebrate with food grown naturally, appreciating potable water, having a beautiful garden that I grow organically, singing, dancing, writing, and shouting from the rooftop that we are alive, we have all the rich gifts that nature supplies us, .... disturbed by the images of poverty, hunger, diseases, homelessness, warring, greed, injustices and domination. 

Joan, I'm danged if you don't sound like some witches I knew in San Fran.

I liked their concern for the environment.

Tom, that is the nicest thing I have heard for a long time. Thank You. 

Very good, Joan.  To my mind it's a matter of switching from necrophilia, the a broad sense, to biophilia.  Ever notice how death-loving the inside of a church is?  Macabre images, crosses, agony. 


Why Religion Should Be Confronted

"Belief in ancient myths joins with other negative forces in our society to keep most of the world from advancing scientifically, economically, and socially at a time when a rapid advancement in these areas is absolutely essential for the survival of humanity. We are now probably only about a generation or two away from the catastrophic problems that are anticipated from global warming, pollution, and overpopulation. We can expect flooded coastal areas, severe climatic changes, epidemics caused by overcrowding, and starvation for much of humanity. Such disasters are predicted to generate worldwide conflict on a scale that could exceed that of the great twentieth-century wars, possibly with nuclear weapons in the hands of unstable nations and terrorist groups.

"This is a time, if there ever was one, when science is needed to lead the way. It won't do so by sitting back and letting irrationality rule the day. And make no mistake about it; the irrationality we see on today's political scene, as exemplified by the Tea Party, is fueled by the irrationality of religion."

Religion imposes its values on family planning and contraception and abortion, against the interests of individuals, families and cultural health. 

When taxpayers object to special treatment for religious communities, and the religious exhibit outrageous wealth in face of outrageous poverty, rage builds. 

When Bronze Age dogma imposes itself on 21st Century challenges, with overpopulation, not enough jobs for available workers, and a growing income gap, society gets out of balance, creating chaos. 

When religious immorality insults non-believers claiming there is only morality through religion, non-believers know the hypocrisy of such believers and ridicule such attitudes. 

When Creationism and Intelligent Design creeps into our public education, legislation, and judicial branches of government, pushing aside reason and critical thinking, they put not only our children at risk but our nation and indeed, the Earth. 

When religious people, policies and practices monger hate against people who are different than they prescribe, when GLBT face restrictions because of their sexual orientation, religion oversteps its boundaries. 

Godless societies may be no more happy or healthy than god-believing societies, but at least there are processes that can maintain a balance of religious and non-religious conflicts. 

Thanks Joan, I loved that piece, had to share it!

That is one good piece of info Joan! I like it! The only conflict I have is with religion.

I guess I like being out on limbs; I'm about to charge out onto one.

While I was in the Navy during the Korean War, a mine shattered an occupied sleeping compartment on a nearby ship. I'm sure glad I didn't have to pick up the pieces of about 30 bodies, decide which pieces belonged with other pieces, and put them into plastic bags. I was aboard the ship that took the bagged bodies to a cruiser that took them to Japan.

Lots of people in the military have had, are having, and will have experiences worse than that one. It changed my views about living and dying.

Like lots of people, I was lied to in church schools (Catholic in my case) about being a god's special creation. With that lie came more, like if I follow the rules I can look forward to a pleasant place.

Like other species on this tiny speck of matter in the universe, when resources are adequate large numbers of us live and when resources are not adequate large numbers of us die. 

I'll get personal, briefly.

I had to give up the comforting beliefs those lies allowed me. I sometimes thought life was easier for insane people and wished I could join them. (I think I didn't.)

More things than this discussion's title, "Religion drives me crazy", reminds me of those long-ago times.

Getting healthy was painful; agnosticism and then atheism helped me get healthy. So did some harsh words about religion, especially Catholicism.

I see the attacks some of us make on religion as necessary steps toward health.

Show me a petition that says religion is insanity, or one that says religious leaders are swindlers, and I will sign it. I will even help collect signatures.

Okay, I'm coming in from my limb. Be kind to y'selves and unkind to religion.

I have been unkind to religion for over a year now. Religion dosen't deserve to be kind to. I made this to criticize religion here in Canada for the mass murder of Native children in so-called "residential schools":


No doubt. 

I have been wanting to put that on the Catholic church.

I agree, and it will get worse as conditions on the planet exacerbate.  “Be fruitful and multiply” is messing up the Earth, and the quality of life diminishes with every new baby.  Allah and God the Father bless the couple for every offspring it brings into the world.  It’s sickening. 




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