Has anyone here become more against religion over time? Before religion didn't really bother me, but whenever I see something religious now it pisses me off. If I found a bible, cross or some other religious figure I would probably end up burning it.

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I was just thinking that this morning on the way to work.  I was listening to an audio book, and an otherwise good story kept getting interrupted with religious bullshit.  The whole book had been relatively free of dogma and hokey Jesus shit, then the main character gets sick and ultimately dies in the end, and I found myself being inundated with his looking forward to meeting Jesus, the promise of heaven, etc.  Every mention of the word "christ" was like fingernails on a chalkboard.  What's worse - the whole time I thought it was a novel since it was John Grisham, but the afterward informed me that it was nonfiction. 

I definitely have. The various acts of terrorism haven't affected my view because I'm fortunate enough not to have been personally affected by them and it is the sort of thing I expect from powerful religions based on historical behaviour.

Over time I've been increasingly exposed to religious people, and their stupidity etc has worn my long term patience very thin, so I will respond to things I would have let go a couple of years ago and respond more forcefully.

Yes, I have.  For one thing, more than just a passing mention of religion in the movies I used to like to watch every year, have made them unwatchable now.

One of the things that has been irritating me no end lately is Rick Steve’s Europe travel shows.  I used to enjoy watching them, but no more.  He spends a huge amount of time talking about religion.

I just looked-up his page and see that he has collaborated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and made 5 videos talking about faith and the people in the bible.  Ugh!

Oh dear! this is bad news. I no longer own a TV, but I used to watch all of Rick Steve's travel shows. He lives in Washington state, or at least he used to. I shall have to send him a note and express my concern about his religiosity and those of us who do not believe in supernatural beings do not want to hear that stuff. I wonder if he will respond ... I'll let you know.  

Thanks Joan.  I'd like to say I'm eager to hear how he responds, but I expect he will just respond with fake concern that he's losing some viewers, but not change his religious ways.

It's being on this site that likely does it :)  Lots of anti-religious talk. 

Atheist Nexus hasen't done anything to piss me off. I don't have a problem with anti-religious talk it's just religion itself. The whole world is infested with religion bullshit.

I'm sure that being around a lot of atheist anti-religious people has a big influence.  That doesn't mean that it's a bad or wrong influence.  People choose who they spend time around, so they choose what shapes their perceptions.   

I started to feel irked sometimes by Christmas music in the stores for example, after being around a bunch of atheists.  It changed my reactions to the monks and nuns of various flavors (buddhist, christian) out in public.  I'm sure others are similarly influenced.  

Melinda - me too.

What I find scary is the threat of a nuclear war (WW3) breaking out in the Middle East. If this great war breaks out, it originated from religious hostility between Iran and Israel, which have been enemies since 1979 thanks to bastard Ruhollah Khomeini of Iran. He declared Israel an enemy of Islam but before he became leader of the 1979 Iranian Revoluton the two countries had close ties. Retarded isn't it? Make Isreal an enemy so the Middle East is more unstable. Iran does no good to the world besides making people laugh at the dirty camel monkeys.

Who put Ruhollah Khomeini in Iran?

Thank America's CIA. Thank President Eisenhower (who in 1953 reversed President Truman's decision and told the CIA to go ahead and overthrow an elected government in Iran). Thank Great Britain's Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (for wanting Iranian oil but not wanting to pay Iran a reasonable royalty, and for treating its Iranian workers like serfs). Thank the American Dulles brothers and especially Kermit Roosevelt. And of course, thank American taxpayers who paid for the overthrow, training the tyrant's secret police, and more.

After about twenty years of that tyranny, the Iranian people overthrew the tyrant the CIA had installed. Khomeini returned from Paris and formed the religious government we know.

For more info, search Wikipedia for key words like CIA in Iran, 1953 overthrow in Iran, etc.

Thank the US of A for Khomeini.

It's no stretch to see 9/11 as payback for America's Middle East foreign policy.

Oh, religion irritates me a whole lot.




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