I haven't noticed this on any site before though I'm sure it has been discussed.  Religious apologist frequently say that athies have no morals, or at least no moral compass.  I really think this is more true of the religious.  Catholics sin(everything from god's name in vain to murder), go to confession and viola, sin gone.  I'm not certain but I believe some folks get saved and they're automatically covered/forgiven for whatever they do.

It's a good thing our justice system doesn't work like this, although Catholic priests seem to have immunity.  Televangelist also seem to be able to rip off the multitudes, even though this contradicts Jesus' teachings, with impunity.

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I agree with you totally. I've even watched a true crime TV show in which the killer had a theist upbringing and he later killed 2 old people. When the police talked to him about that killing he said he "done them a favor." This was supposed to mean that they are in heaven now.

So much for the so called moral compass that religions talk about.

I am all for euthanasia, but it should be the individuals choice(or at least the families).  This nut job just wanted to kill someone and justified it as helping them.  I don't think god told him to do it.  I think he felt he was putting them out of their misery. 

Daniel, I'm hoping a theist will say I, or atheists, have no morals.

"Oh? The sheriff has tossed the jailhouse keys and gone fishing?"

If said theist ASKS if I/we have no morals, I will remain civil.

tom,  I guess I'm a little dense but I don't get the sheriff thing.

A religion's morality is made by the religion's tyrant(s).

The sheriff enforces a morality made and agreed to by large numbers of people, and their morality allows them some fun.

Put another way, most religions preach that non-believers go to hell.

We are all non-believers in the religions of others, so aren't we all going to hell?

The difference is that atheists will get there smiling.

I get the arguments.  It's just that the expression is new to me and the meaning seems as convoluted as many biblical expressions.

 I believe we must be careful here not to finger point, though I certainly understand and agree with you sentiment. The fact is we are all human. Atheist must own up to their faults. The religious can claim they are forgiven or directed by their gods. This is a simple cop out excuse we do not have. People take advantage of each other regardless of religion. Religion only provides an even easier way to take advantage of others. Often these in authority in religion are indeed untouchable, this is what makes religion so dangerous. This being said unbelievers can be just as manipulative they must only pretend to be religious or use other types of manipulation.

Who says those in authority in religion are believers?

Yeah. They who carve the Buddha do not worship him.

Or in terms we know, they who preach abstinence don't necessarily practice it.
Religion hurts more than it heals?

Paraphrasing the poet Browning's intent, let us count the ways.

The public ways, such as the Inquisition, happen when church and state are united and have been counted

The cultural ways and the personal ways are the result of childhood indoctrination and are almost beyond number.

Tom, as it comes to counting the ways, Christopher Hitchens outlines a number of apologies the catholic church has made and still needs to make in the 2009 Intelligence Squared debate on the topic: "Is the Catholic Church a Force for Good in the World?"

To use the vernacular of the day, Hitch tore his opponents a new one, to put it mildly.

Concur Loren. You also should have add how Steven Fry also talked in it.




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