I was reading news on a website and it said a study has convicted that religion is on course to virtually die out in Australia, Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, the Neitherlands, New Zealand and Switzerland. If this is true, science is going to keep showing how much a lie religion is.

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I need to move there!

Vancouver, here I come!

Best news ever!

I like that picture LOL!

Cute little article from the One Wholly Cathartic and Apoptotic church.  (That's the Roman Catholics, for those of ya'll not versed in sarcasm.)  I wish there were some truth to it, but really, I suspect it's just a propaganda piece to get people back to mass.

I think the greatest proof of such is in their wishful history.  "It is an old argument, but a standard one, that Christianity was born from this impulse, a reaction to Roman persecution."  The greatest persecution Christians ever suffered was from the Jews first, and each other second.  Nero tortured a few Christians, sure, but he tortured a lot of other folk as well.  No sign of systematic persecution or even a strong preference.  The secular empire wasn't involved in a big way until Diocletian, more than two and a half centuries after Jesus' death.  Hardly the "birth" of Christianity.

Edwin Rogers, the new head of Secular Coalition writes: "However, the words "under God" were not included in the original pledge, and the words were not added due to an outcry from the American public or because of protests on our city streets. The Pledge of Allegiance of the United States of America changed due to a three year lobbying campaign by the Roman Catholic fraternity, Knights of Columbus.

These guys have been waging war on secular democracy ever since the Enlightenment took the Divine Right to Rule "blessing" of away from the Pope  and gave it to We the People. The church is still red with rage about losing its power to appoint kings.  The Knights of Columbus were and are carrying out the Vatican's continuing revenge against our secular democracy which they scorn.

I had always understood it was added during the Cold War to distinguish us from those "godless Marxists" in the CCCP.

Well that's encouraging. I hope that trend spreads to more countries that desperately need science instead of superstition.

I agree!


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