My sons second grade teacher asked the classroom to raise their hand if they believe in god. My son told me he felt like he had to raise his hand because everyone else did. But since it is the holidays, the lesson plan seems to be very religon based. I would like to talk to her and explain that we are nontheist but I dont want to single my children out. I am not sure what to do.

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There's no reason to ask that question. She may as well have asked their opinion on the merits of the Mercantilism. Kids that age aren't equipped to consider that kind of question beyond the tofu method: what everyone else says.

Also, she has no right to ask that question. I would ask to see a lesson plan that would have compelled her to inquire into the religious beliefs of seven year-olds.
This week my daughter had the school nurse come in and talk about periods. One of the kids asked, how the first period got started. The Nurse told them all "God Started it" . My daughter (4th grade) said this bothered her; it bothers me too. I don't want to draw attention to my daughter, but good grief... how do these people get a degree.
One only needs to pass to get a degree.

Also, 'God started it,' ha! Oh how religious answers always fail to answer anything.
Ugh... and this person is a nurse! Why oh why do they let these people into the school system? I would love to personally set this woman straight.
If this is a public school, the teacher is NOT allowed to ask such a question. And 10 to 1, the only
'god' she was referring to was the christian one. There are buddhist, jewish, hindu, mae inga, many, many other groups. My nephew in 5th grade was asked a similiar question and he replied with, "Which one?" Teach your child to be proud of who they are, (although 2nd grade is to young for them to grasp), but don't back down. Speak with the principal, my partner was a teacher for 30 years and was amazed your child's teacher dared ask such a question. Even if they were having a holiday based activity, that question should be irrelevant. Children of all ages are exposed to things that they have to learn to ignore, counter, walk away from, or decide what level they are comfortable being involved. If you tell the child to just deal with the lesson or christian activity, they will become confused, for there will be other times the child may then feel they need to "deal" with something, like their best friend encouraging them to try a drug, to steal a small item, or someone pushing them to behave in a way they are uncomfortable with. It is when we become lenient and say it is just another christian activity and we can't avoid them, that we slowly allow the continuation of something to continue. Speak out and be who you are. If your child was of a different color, you wouldn't tell them to 'act' white, if your child were physically or mentally challenged you wouldn't just tell the child to pretend nothing is the matter.
Good luck with your school district and give your child some extra hugs for being brave.
What class was this for? What was the topic they were discussing?
As a former teacher myself, I know how out of line this is. However, way too much of this goes on in the public schools. When I was teaching I heard other elementary teachers lead their children in a 'blessing' before leaving for the lunchroom every day. It bothered me so much I finally wrote an anonymous letter to the principal saying I was a parent who had come to eat lunch with my child and had accidentally overheard a teacher praying with the class before lunch. I stated that I would not give my name because I did not want my children singled out but that there were other parents who were aware of similar things happening. I suggested that the principal speak to the faculty and remind them of the law about religion in public schools. I included the statement that it was not legal for a teacher to inflict her religious beliefs on other people's children. A couple of days later the principal reminded the faculty what the law was.
Perhaps you could do the same thing. There ARE probably other parents who feel the way you do. I typed my letter on plain white paper and mailed it at the local post office so as not to be found out. I felt like a regular criminal! : - )
Or you could call the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Sometimes just a phone call from them to a school is all it takes to clear this mess up!
I think the topic was god and the real question was whose parents have taught them to fear the lord?
I am not shocked by this, The annual christmas sing is almost entirely religious songs. Needless to say we do not attend. But this is small town midwest. The doctor who delivered me and my children is also our 4H goat milking champion.
I feel you Jhamm. In Iowa, the town I'm from "boasts" eleven christian churches (there are only 8 bars). The public school is hard to define as secular: there are prayers and scripture framed and hanging in classrooms, an 18" crucifix in the main hall as you enter, and the discussion of evolution is restricted (though they don't teach creationism, thank goodness). It's pretty hard to didge the mumbo jumbo in a place like that!
About 2.5 hours away, which is close compared to Texas. Same religionism though.
That's wierd because I was just thinking about that. I wonder if it's not a part of the psyche of teaching. You're expected to guide the people you teach and it would be hard to remain objective if you really believed that you were helping them by introducing them to a life concept. If I were teaching kids and one of them asked me something innocent like how long have there been people, I'd probably say at least 200,000 years, but maybe longer. I think this is a great answer, but a religious parent would certainly object or tell their child that I'm an idiot liberal. I would love it if objective religious classes were taught from young ages on. But, of course, I feel that such an approach would strongly favor Atheism because I beleive that the truth of it would become obvious to more kids who would pressure it onto their superstitious peers.

Yeah that one kind of ran away, sorry.
Lame, teacher that is.
Public school? Tax payer dough!?

Drop a copy of Religulous DVD on the teacher, no harm there.
It's a 'public' school right?

Tell your child there are kids that have fun without god (and when they get older they get to do way more science projects that kids that believe in gods), the god thing is like Mickey Mouse, just a character; the Earth is god.
Off the cuff but he's just a kid no?


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