Recently, due to political turmoil in my country, I read the Constitution of Romania, where I saw with stupefaction that the president, the ministers and prime minister must oath that they will defend the interests of the country and other generally good things, but in the end they have to say "So help me God".

So, for me, as an unbeliever, it is impossible to be in government because the country constitution, the constitution that supports autonomy of Church to State, forces me to say something that I dont believe and doesn't have rational support.


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Yet one more country whose culture is saturated in the church, whether Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox or whatever, to the point where the church and the culture have become near inseparable.  This is also the case in Ireland, where the country has been rocked by the RC church child abuse scandals and perhaps for the first time in centuries, questioning the place the church occupies in that culture.

The old saw still holds: power corrupts.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and while the power of the church may not be absolute, it comes damned close in places ... and it's time that power was reined in.




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