I don't like wearing ties. I don't see the point. I have worked in places where the dress code decreed that I must wear a tie. The tie has served no functional purpose since the invention of the top button. It gets in the way and occasionally dunks itself in your drink when you're leaning over a table or kitchen worktop. I've recently largely managed to work in places where tie-wearing is not obligatory and I feel much more comfortable with this, yet still occasionally social circumstances demand that I must wear a tie in order to perform certain duties, enter certain premises, etc etc. It seems so anachronistic, yet still some people see it as a status requirement.
Recently, watching the UK general election, I've been struck by how ridiculous people appear when wearing a tie. They do it to conform with a certain expectation, but why? Have these people of power ever asked themselves why they continue with such an outdated fashion statement? Do they even question it? 
Can anyone give me a good argument for wearing a tie?
It's like the emperor's old clothes. I see someone in a tie and I think: why? Can't they see how ridiculous they look? But the tie-wearer just carries on oblivious, unquestioningly, putting on this strange garb as part of their daily ritual because it is expected of them and everybody else does it. "If anyone should choose not to wear a tie, why, there must be something wrong with them, not me ... why would anyone choose not to wear one? Stumps me."

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I've gotten unnecessary clothes for cheap. Fashion can be pointless things for conformity/status, but it can also be self-expression (which probably also can serve the same "peacock" purpose of standing out in awesomeness).

Has the tie ever actually served a purpose (such as keeping clothes together?) It kind of makes me think of how Parliament (I think) still wears those white wigs.

Most work dress codes are pointless. The world will end if someone wears open-toed shoes? Why is denim a less acceptable fabric than some other fabric? Actually men have fewer options of what to wear, but figuring out what is acceptable is also simpler. Some people say wearing a suit (and tie I guess) makes them feel confident, but making people wear them is silly. Much of the business world is like the emperor's new clothes. People are putting on airs even though everyone knows it's all for show.
I read somewhere that the tie was symbolic of a penis and a bow tie represented a castrated (less powerful) male.

I do think string ties look nice on both sexes.
Make designs on shirts in garment factory.
hmm. a very interesting and original defence of the tie, though keeping it in your pocket instead of around your neck might suggest that a large handkerchief would do just as well, if not better.
Still, a very valid point in that they are not as dangerous and unnecessary as religion. Jobs may have been lost over failure to wear a tie, but wars not waged. Ties would definitely have to come in as religion-lite in terms of the damage they can serve on society. Still, give them time. Religion has been around a lot longer so has had more practice at it. Maybe one day, unless we keep our guard up, organised religions will fall by the wayside and people will squabble over their ties, or lack of them, instead.
Ties are useful for polishing your shoes. Or for erotic bondage. I've even seen one used as a dog leash.
Seemed like a good metaphor for certain religious folk to me. Not the opinionated zealots, but those who just blindly follow, assuming that their religion must serve some sort of purpose as its been around so long, but never questioning, and never seeing how ridiculous it looks to others who have questioned it.
The tie is one of worst carry overs from the past. It is functionless, uncomfortable and down right stupid.
When I started teaching a sport coat (or suit), slacks and a fucking tie were required, I was once sent home to change when I showed up in a turtle neck - with slacks and a coat.
When it was determined that a dress code for teachers could not be required - I never wore one of worthless strips of cloth again, in fact i no longer own one (except one that looks like a dead fish).
I believe that ties are uncomfortable and nobody with common sense wants to wear them, but as a female, I must say that I find men with ties attractive in some weird way. Maybe it's not the tie itself but the though or act of removing the tie. Tie is like a garter belt for men.

Around here people dress very casually and tie has become a rare eye candy.

As for religion, I wish it was even more like a tie and hit one in the eye from a distance.
florida is hot
it goes against common sense
I like mine better!

I think they look snazzy.




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