I don't like wearing ties. I don't see the point. I have worked in places where the dress code decreed that I must wear a tie. The tie has served no functional purpose since the invention of the top button. It gets in the way and occasionally dunks itself in your drink when you're leaning over a table or kitchen worktop. I've recently largely managed to work in places where tie-wearing is not obligatory and I feel much more comfortable with this, yet still occasionally social circumstances demand that I must wear a tie in order to perform certain duties, enter certain premises, etc etc. It seems so anachronistic, yet still some people see it as a status requirement.
Recently, watching the UK general election, I've been struck by how ridiculous people appear when wearing a tie. They do it to conform with a certain expectation, but why? Have these people of power ever asked themselves why they continue with such an outdated fashion statement? Do they even question it? 
Can anyone give me a good argument for wearing a tie?
It's like the emperor's old clothes. I see someone in a tie and I think: why? Can't they see how ridiculous they look? But the tie-wearer just carries on oblivious, unquestioningly, putting on this strange garb as part of their daily ritual because it is expected of them and everybody else does it. "If anyone should choose not to wear a tie, why, there must be something wrong with them, not me ... why would anyone choose not to wear one? Stumps me."

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One day I'll bring back the ascot.
One could argue the same pointlessness and stupidity of the Stiletto Heel. They are painful, pointless, and make the wearer look like an idiot for wanting to trapse around all day in pain for the sake of fashion. However, women wear them, because it makes them feel sexy. When a woman feels sexy, we own the world! I think men get the same feeling from wearing a tie. Especially the men who dare to wear obnoxiously colored bow ties; they’re the ones who enjoy the high of attention. The same goes for hair color, jewelry, sports cars, etc.
Tap, tap, tap... I just hate every girl who live upstairs, their heels and their irritating tap, tap, tap.
Rofl. That was hilarious.



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