It occurred to me, while listening to one of the many podcasts centered on atheism, that the religious just need someone to hate. In times, gladly, gone by people could openly hate other people because of race, creed, or sexual preference. Now they can only, openly, hate these groups with god’s permission. Why do they need god’s permission to hate? Because it is no longer socially expectable to do it without divine permission. Therefore religion is just a convenient lacey alter cloth, candles, and golden crucifix to through over the age-old steaming pile of hate that only gets bigger.
What do you think? Also, have you ever met a racist Atheist? I’m of the opinion that we Atheists are immune from bigotry and hate.

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Religion can be interpreted by followers as a justification to hate persons and groups, no doubt about it.

I have observed many atheists expressing themselves through internet forums who are not immune to bigotry or hate.
I know a few atheists who struggle against childhood racist indoctrination, the way I struggle against religious indoctrination. And some mildly homophobic atheists, as well. (You know the type, "Just as long as they don't hit on me!" even though no gay man *would* want their redneck beer-bellied self.)

But I think it's also the Republican party that needs someone to hate - what better way to distract people from the real issues? While the US was at war, with a sinking economy, no energy policy, and terrible healthcare, Bush decided that the *real* problem was fags wanting to git married!
"even though no gay man *would* want their redneck beer-bellied self.)" made me laugh. That does seem to be the way of it in our area, doesn't it.
I've long since given up on arguing with homophobes and instead adopted the "Don't worry, absolutely no one wants you." tactic. It seems to work. Or at least it shuts them up.

RE the OP: What better way to rally the money than to give people a common enemy.
Troops! I meant rally the troops.
Coming from a very racist/homophobic area, it's heavily mingled with religion here. (God doesn't like interracial marriages. God hates gay people. etc.) so usually if people can get rid of the god part, they can get rid of the homophobic/racist part. I know a few atheists that were brought up in religious households that stressed racism and hating gay people. All lost the hate when they lost the religion. All the homophobic/racist atheists I've ever spoken to were on the internet.
It's not just atheist rednecks with beer bellies who are homophobic. I've seen it across a spectrum.
Is anyone ' immune ' from bigotry and hatred? Maybe reflective, declared atheists are somewhat more aware of the dangers but then so are some of the more aware theists i think. Here in the UK we have a racist, xenophobic party. the BNP, attempting to portray themselves as Christians in the EU elections but many believers seem opposed to them. However the increasing tensions between militant muslims and the majority essentially secular UK population do raise concerns.
Is anyone ' immune ' from bigotry and hatred? Maybe reflective, declared atheists are somewhat more aware of the dangers but then so are some of the more aware theists i think.

Absolutely. The only anti-racist activists I ever met, up until recently, were believers.
I'm sure there are racist atheists though I can't recall ever meeting one. Atheism is only the refusal to believe in God(s). There are no teachings on morality or racism.
'Racism is built into our genes'. That's a sweeping statement! What scientific rather than anthropological evidence is there ? Certainly religion has been used for political purposes. It's an ideology after all. It's just called theology.
The problem i have is the assumption that religion = racism. How do you attempt to persuade theists they may be wrong if you start by insulting them? Leave the name calling to them!
The Zionists were in cahoots with the Nazis!? So basically Zionism colluded in murdering 6,000,000 Jews and countless others ( Gypsies, Slavs, Disabled etc )? I have no time for Zionism or any other intolerant nonsense but if you make such assertions as fact and not opinion where's the evidence? Next you'll be referencing ' The Protocols...'
You still provide no proof for your opinions regarding genetics.
Leading Zionists were in cahoots with the Nazis, well-documented fact. I would post links to support this assertion but it's common knowledge as the position of the Moon to the Earth.
Where did you and DOCTOR Ned Kelly study? Iran perhaps....
Just goes to show that Atheists aren't immune to bullshit.
Ryan, Dr. Ned is being sarcastic. I know Iranians who are not racists.




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