It occurred to me, while listening to one of the many podcasts centered on atheism, that the religious just need someone to hate. In times, gladly, gone by people could openly hate other people because of race, creed, or sexual preference. Now they can only, openly, hate these groups with god’s permission. Why do they need god’s permission to hate? Because it is no longer socially expectable to do it without divine permission. Therefore religion is just a convenient lacey alter cloth, candles, and golden crucifix to through over the age-old steaming pile of hate that only gets bigger.
What do you think? Also, have you ever met a racist Atheist? I’m of the opinion that we Atheists are immune from bigotry and hate.

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How about all the atheists that are anti-Muslim? I use the word Muslim instead of Islam, because it includes not only their religion but the very people itself. That's very racist at its core, stereotyping a group of people as if they all would be capable of fundamental jihads, blowing up the nearby nighborhood using their young'uns as living bombs. Just because a small fractions of the Muslim population is indeed fundamentalistic, no one asked why they are so.

Some people, when in a new country with a new culture relapse into doing things they did not do while in their mothercountry, as to reinforce their cultural identity. It might mean that they might be very aggressive when it comes to things such as religion, but instead of pointing fingers our work is to make them understand that they don't need to show everyone how religious and "culturally pure" they are to their environment when they want to be accepted into the new community. Small things like that.
I speak of them as an ethnical group, I never use the word race. To resent an ethnical group is racism, just as much as homophobism is racism. The major point is that there is a characteristic of a group of people you don't like, so you stereotype them and simply say things that are not true. Maybe discrimination is a better term, but since we are speaking of an ethnical group I do believe the word racism is applicable.
Yes, I've met racist atheists. Atheists are not immune to bigotry and hate.
It would be nice to think that atheists are totally free from bigotry and hate. Although we appear to be rather less likely to indulge in these vices, unfortunately we are not immune from them. There have been postings on this site which confirm this sad fact.
I know a guy who calls himself agnostic, though he doesn't believe. And he says many homophobic things. He is very uncomfortable gay men. It actually makes me a bit uncomfortable, but since he is not someone I talk to very often, I pretty much leave it alone. So really I don't think lack of belief in a deity translates into an open mind on all issues (however the vast majority of non-believers I have encountered aren't homophobic or racist.)



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