Religion leads us to confusion. if too much reasoning also leads us to confusion..?

Religion leads us to confusion... if too much reasoning also leads us to confusion..? I have seen many people while discussing on any topic keep on questioning and refuting...making whole discussion without any reasonable end/result. After all any topic can be dragged infinitely without achieving any reasonable agreed point even by rational thinkers.

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Too much reasoning leads to confusion? No way. Not if you keep trucking through it. I hear people whining about conversations about definitions and semantics and I think that's lame.
If you use words with no specific goal then it is all too likely that your words will serve no purpose.

One problem that people face is that they begin with a conclusion and then they set about finding the set of arguments which supports their conclusion. If you proceed in this backward fashion and doggedly refuse to accept that your predetermined conclusion is false then, yes, you will remain confused.
Really well put, Tom
All you need to do to understand the confusion spawned by religion is to read their source materials. The bible is such a mass of contradictions that it astonishes me that any believer can see straight. Will admit not to have read the Qu'ran, but, judging from the frequent intolerance between the Sunni and the Shi'a, it can't be much different.

I HAVE read the Mahabharata (MUCH abridged) and most of the Bhagavad Gita and will confess to some bias (having been trained as an Associate Teacher of the TM Technique). I rather enjoy both for the stories told, if nothing else, but the variations of interpretations of the Gita can span day and night and have room to spare.
If you are mentioning AN, its the case of too causal reasoning. commenting what first came in your mind. Derailing the orignal discussion. I had seen many wonderful discussions die as a result.
Does too much vision lead to blindness?
Anything that is too much is bad.


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