Religion makes people behave like stupid.That's a known thing.Many Non religious people had bad experience with religious people.

I was never religious. Once...A relative guy told me...Oh no...why you are not praying ?
You have to pray. If you behave like this, Allah will ask questions to you on judgement day. :lol:
He said...something like...There will be a guy who will through me in a place where there will be full of scorpions.Then he said something similar to that....I said you trust in Allah very much,right ?...Then you pray properly or else you will be before scorpions.I was laughing from inside.

That is real life...and that was a funny stuff.Now i want to share onething.This one is not funny.This seems to be
psychotic.This is from online only.I had a online muslim friend before many days.

Oneday i gave her some informations about Islam from some sites where they mentioned bad about Islam(which is correct:))

After seeing those,She said......
All what u have written about islam and quran is a lie.You found some wahabi sites and got wrong information. Holy Quran never tells to harm people.And our prophet (s.a.w) is the KINDEST,SMARTEST,FAIR,CARING and the
best creation of ALLAH.He never hurt even animal,so dont say such things about him ever.

Hmm...She says - He never hurt even animal....I see. All human beings kill an animal. Example : Ant.
So her prophet didnt killed an Ant also ? :roll:

Then i asked some few questions like...

1. Why your religion offer Cutting of Hands and Feet and Stoning to death which no human deserves ?

2. Why those guys in arabian countries have to kill the people who leave islam and to torture non muslims there to
change to islam ?

3. Quran says,Allah has mentioned to kill who leaves Islam. Why ?

Then i said....If you support those punishments,then i dont know what kind of human you are.

She said ......
The God is one in any religion,so u cant differ religions,because judaism,christianity is either Islam but
in different times.As for cutting hands and etc.its local laws,called shariah.But i support them,even its
strictly in relation to people.First two times they forgive thieves and do the prevention,and only at third time
they punish them this way.As for Quran ,yes you are right that it was mentioned to kill people who wont convert to islam
but it concerned a wartime of our Prophet's s.a.w. epoch,not for peaceful time.But really iam able to kill a
person who abuse Allah and Muhammad s.a.w.You say bad about muslims and our prophet s.a.w, but you dont know how non
muslims and jews treated him. And jews' women profaned muslim corpses, they cut out noses, ears and put out eyes then ate it.But our prophet s.a.w
never killed women.

I dont know if -- jews' women profaned muslim corpses, cutting out noses, ears and put out eyes then ate them... I dont know if that is real or tale.

My goodness, Ladies and Gentleman....She is saying -- She is really able to kill a person who abuse Allah and Muhammad. :shock:
Then what is the difference between her and a person who kills people for money ?

Well,that is the one experience that i had with a religious person which made me think how a religion makes people to become more angry or behave rude..whatever it is.

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At least if you kill someone for money, you get the money. Pretty easy answer right there.
Hahaha, Anyone knows that.....
Its just, what iam trying to say is ......the people who kills for money or without money...whatever..They are bad people.But a good person is talking about killing people if someone abuse their God..That seems stupid.
Wow, messed up. She basically said that a pissed off man dealing with war is a great source of how we should behave and such.

"It concerned a wartime of our Prophet's s.a.w. epoch,not for peaceful time."

I'd rather listen to what Lao Tsu had to say. A man dealing with war times and such, yet who stated that we should treat each battle victory as a funeral. The Hebrew and Islamic god never showed any mercy at all. The fact that their deity says things which fit the views of the time should REALLY tell them something. "It's just how things were then" just doesn't cut it when we are talking about an eternal being who supposedly is perfect and unchanging.
Sameer, this is something that I once heard (I think it was Christopher Hitchens) and I think it is very true.

Good people will do good things.
Evil people will do evil things.
But, it takes religion to make good people do evil things.
Pat, That is one of best quotes. Here it is verbatum (or, at least it had quotes around it when I picked it up):

“Good people will do good things, and bad people will do bad things. But for good people to do bad things -- that takes religion.” - Steven Weinberg
Actually this is the correct one -----
" Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion. " - Steven Weinberg.
That Quote is already in my profile page. :)




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