Many of us haven't realized that this claim often heard from the religious requires them to produce two kinds of indisputable evidence to justify a right to rule over anyone: first that that there is a god who is allmighty; and second that that god gave them the right to rule over humanity.

Whenever we hear any other proofs of god, we should always ask for these two because this is what religion is really driving at: the right to rule over humanity. We should ask for indisputable proof that there is a god and indisputable proof that he gave them the right to rule over us.  Of course they have neither and fo that reason it is both ethical and proper for us to call  the religious fakers who are just trying to pull a fast one on us all to rule over us.

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First I find it odd that on the Internet most people (Probaby Christians) tell you outright that America was founded on Christian principals. Somehow the modern American has come to believe that the mean old King would not let them practice their religion, so they came to America. Some may actually be stupid enough to think they were not allowed to be Baptists and Pentecostals in England, so they came here for that reason. The preacher reinforces that for them 3 days a week, but the real religious element causing problems in England at the time was the Puritans. Along with them a few undesireables were thrown in and the Puritans could practice their form of "shiria" in America after that. There is very little here giving anyone a right to rule over someone else, but the Puritans were that strict and all but forgotten today.

Notice that we have not proven the existence of almighty god, but are dealing with a right to rule over humanity. Americans do not want a King and Queen but the religious ones think they have that god given right to rule. People like the late Herbert W. Armstrong passed this idea on to us through his "British Israelism" which claimed the Jews had the annoitings of god and it was passed on to Britian and then on to America. You see in these claims how the religious want to rule.

Now if we get into the Old Testament we find there a jealous and monster god who once killed everyone except for 8 people, and his tribal bloodbath went on and on. Modern believers get away from this claiming  god had a reason for all he did and "Jesus has done away with the Old Testament." Today god is love, they say. There are no scriptures to tie this all in and prove the nonsense. What we find is a religion that wants to rule and if followed would be as bad or worse than extremeist Islam if they ever took these things literally. I'm not surprised that they think they can elect someone today who will rule over us. One religion is as bad as another and we are fortunate that they do not take their Bible literally.

they all eventually wind up doing exactly what ISIS is right now.  It should be illegally for them to incite hatred among their followers -- if I ruled the world....

Not sure how this affects using god to justify ruling but I do think that money and trade are more amenable to trading, deals and eventual compromise than the sacreds of religion which are more resistant to compromise.  That is not to imply that people will not murder torture and more for money or that people cannot buy their way out of Hell but just that trade is more likely with commerce than with religion. Many sociologists have argued that commerce had a gentling effect on human aggression which they named 'gentle commerce."  When you realize that you can get the things that you covet from your neighbor by barter or purchase rather than murder then ....




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