Religion's Prohibitions Inhibit Even Long-time Atheists. And Our Inhibitions Consequences...?

Those prohibitions are powerful.

Federal Appellate Court Judge Richard A. Posner would agree. Here is the opening paragraph of his book, Sex and Reason.

Anyone in our society who wants to write about sex without being accused of prurient interest had better explain what the source of his interest in the subject is. In my case it is the belated discovery that judges know next to nothing about the subject beyond their own personal experience, which is limited, perhaps more so than average, because people with irregular sex lives are pretty much (not entirely, of course) screened out of the judiciary--especially the federal judiciary, with its elaborate preappointment investigations by the FBI and other bodies. This screening, along with the gap, for which the screening is in part responsible, in judges’ systematic knowledge of sex, is a residue of the nation’s Puritan--more broadly of its Christian-- heritage. Another residue is the large body of laws regulating sex which judges are called on to interpret and apply, and sometimes asked to invalidate.

The consequences?

To the above add, Don't talk politics or religion, and above all don't talk about not talking about sex.

And finally add, What we don't talk about will be used to divide us, and to frighten conservatives so they will vote.

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