Religion the root of all immoral behavior? If not...

As I read through atheist blogs, forums, and websites, there is abundant content about "all the atrocities committed on humanity in the name of religion". This includes everything from genocides, slavery, abuse of women/children/disadvantaged groups and minorities. Along with this there seem to be more than a few anti-theist zealots who call for "deprogramming" theists so that theists will stop their delusional thinking habits and all the consequent destruction they are wreaking on humanity and the environment.

If religion is the root of humanity's immoral behavior, then can I conclude that all humans are naturally born morally sound (and atheist) but then corrupted by religion? Is religion really that powerful? If religion is not the root of immorality (and I do not believe it is), should we be taking a broader view of the moral behavior of humans, enlightened by evolution science, and have a proposal on how to foster more moral individuals and societies?

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People are already immoral. Religion just gives us warrant to let loose.


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