[I had a long post to post; way longer than are posted in these disscusions. So I made it a blog post. It is about why churches want to control everyone. Here is an excerpt.]


They tell us that "America's only hope... is the God of sacred scripture... and we must obediently follow" His rules and ask no questions.

No single human being can call him or herself a human being if they resign themselves to obediently follow their leaders without question. It is hard for me to restrain myself with regard to this.

The church leaders do not beseech people to "follow us," but "follow the rules of God." This is the ultimate con -- and I know that the use of that word will cause those who believe to now throw up their hands and declare that this is yet another attack on their beliefs and to stop reading, and that in their minds this will simply become yet another example of the liberal media, as all criticism of church doctrine. But that is the point. They leave no room for discussion. They start with: "This is real and you must believe and not ask questions." Their leaders are telling them that all other thoughts and ideas are wrong, and that to merely question what they say is wrong. They tell their follower that they simply present the truth: "Do not believe me, believe these words!" They remove the "me," the "I" from their presentation. They say that they are just men presenting "the word of God." The con is that, once you are hooked, you actually do not believe the word of their God but their interpretation of the word of their God.

Where do these religious organizations, their leaders, get the idea that their Bible is the word of God? From their Bible, of course. As they frequently reference their Bible for their views, they reference it in telling us that it is the word of their God.


Read the full post here: Religion: The Ultimate Con. It is quite long and full of sources.

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