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I agree again !!!!

Love it! So true!

Science: The systematic acquisition and application of knowledge about the structure and behavior of the physical universe gained via empirical evidence through observation measurement and experimentation.

Religion: god did it because my 3000 year old book written by a bunch of wondering nomads said so. 

Unlike the title of the thread, note that the posted graphic states that science "sets out trying to disprove" [ it ]. This is the correct way of science. Science must always attempt to disprove its hypotheses, and theories. In that way, truth is sought. As long as a theory remains NOT disproven, then it holds good. As a consequence, scientific hypotheses and theories, must be couched in ways which allow for them to be disproven. Since the supernatural is by definition outside of natural laws, it cannot be disproven and so the supernatural has no place in science.

Anyway, the point is that science as a discipline does not prove how things are ~ it fails to disprove.

I am always amazed at how little respect the non-religious have for any/all religions. I do not mean respect religion in a manner to praise it. I mean respect religions like you would respect your deadliest enemy.

Can anyone think of any reasons why anyone should respect religions?


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