Religion 'vs.' Atheists in Constitutional America w/Dave Silverman on RT news Inc...

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may your days be filled with great weather and love... and cool nature spots


some folks remain children... in the mind. they need that 'pattern' or patterns in life..
some exploit that.. some fell for the 2000 election hook line and sinker...
and here we are. failures galore. who's side u on? fascists or people?

538 there goes

"moral standards" like bombing kids and doctors.. hating womens' rights.. ugh hugh.. reaaaal nice hitler suckers...

Huge role my ass.

I've become a big fan of Silverman. He cuts through the bull. The 79 billion number was shocking; Yes, churches need to be taxed.

irony; they hide child rape
don't call cops
have tax free on so much including land tax (people are foreclosed because of that shit

they fuck with kids minds and hold back potentials
I'm just glad to see bands coming out with lyrics and titles like 'darwin'

indeed we're in harm's way thanks to some pope n his gangs that think america should be speaking latin and bowing our heads bs.

started way back:

just saying.. that's street level music...
american atheists is court level and corporate. but it takes all kinds..
some folks just wanna go off. some hold their own on different fronts.

hats off to silverman and co. whip the fkn' mainstream fundies into their hate-filled abyss
sick of the lies
sick of the lost lives
literally that guy did not have to eat a face of a bum; he needed intervention
the state could care less post reagan or even nixon.
why the hell do folks fall back on myth tradition and 'devil' this devil that?
no bible can ever match the power of group help. extended families and plain secular know-how. science. a damn shrink is 100x more useful and good for a mentally ill faith propagating more mentally unstable people. fuck.

jaw boning bush and his lame 'my daddy' and robot laura w/obama hanging up some painting in the taxpayers' white house was a shame imho. warcriminal bush is captor in his own country now and he knows it. hence why so many of his followers feel trapt. but their not; it's their ideology and bigotry that holds them back from modern day information age changes that will never stop coming...

those fundy rock bands can't hang with the war dogs.. i'm just saying.
cower and bow is all they know.

Before i was an atheist, i still rejected xtian rock. Rock and Roll is rebellion, nonconformity, a rebel attitude, etc. They are trying to use the term "rock" to spread a false message. Sure, they can down tune, try to emulate the wardrobe, whatever, but "rocking" for the lord is one of the dilliest things on earth. This reminds me of xtians who sing "imagine" by lennon and have no idea what it really means.

As my favorite curmudgeon, H. L. Mencken, wrote “Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats".
Now I have no desire to slit anyone's throat (way to messy and icky for my tastes); I have, however, been tempted to grab a few morons by their shirt and yell, with spittle flying, “WTF is wrong with your brain?”




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