Hello! I am new to Atheist Nexus, and I on my first day I saw some religious advertisements being displayed above the main logo and on the side bar. You would also see them if you check around for them. I have given screenshots of what I saw as attachments. Please view them and request the person/people owning this site to remove them, because this is a non-theist site and should not in any way be responsible for the promotion of religion

Thank You.

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Hello Durgesh, welcome here. You will find religious ads almost on every atheist site. This is their strategy to promote their views, hoping to catch someone standing at the door of doubt. I agree with you that such ads should not appear on atheist sites.

Use adblock. That'll get rid of those pesky religious adds ;) I don't see them at all, thanks to adblock.

I say we should have more of these ads. I always get a little chuckle when I see them. More importantly they help pay for the upkeep of the site.

Madhukar I don't think its a deliberate act on their behalf. The Ad generating software is just rather stupid and will latch onto the keywords of the site and we do discuss gawd and the bible a lot.

As a parting remark.. have fun thinking that on biblethumper.com they are also having humpahornyathiest.com ads.


Haven't noticed them myself, but I also like the irony of an atheist site being funded by religious advertising.

Actually, I could also see some advertisements of an indian matrimonial site & diwali(an indian occasion) & therefore i conclude that these adds may be regional. Maybe the add generator displays different adds in different regions, 'cause i'm sure they wouldn't promote indian matrimony in christian countries, would they?

So I guess we should just abandon the topic.

Money talks. Anyway, the ads are for the suckers. It's a way of eliminating the weak.

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