On the 20th I totaled out my work truck. This is a fact that I'm only using here to point out a situation with religious believers. Yes, I'm glad that I'm OK but I attribute the fact of this to my wearing of a seat belt and nothing more.

   My circumstance was exactly this. In a driving rain I went onto the freeway and quickly hit something which was likely too much water. My truck hydroplaned and I could not regain control. Suddenly I'm spinning like a top and off between the 2 highways bouncing off the center divider cable, coming to rest with my truck facing opposite of the direction I was traveling. It all happened so quickly.

   In the aftermath of it all, there went my perfect driving record. I barely had time to recall my last thoughts - " I'm going to be hit by 4 or 5 cars and possibly a tractor trailer truck." These vehicles were out there but nothing like that happened. The accident involved only me spinning out of control.

   Later on some are saying how god saved me. I simply said that I am fortunate and that seat belts save lives. That wasn't good enough for many who heard the story. They knew that god had a hand in it.

   OK, I'm game with this for a moment. Explain to me what god did. Am I to believe that all the other traffic on that freeway was miraculously placed in a different timeframe and guided away from me by a higher power? This all happened in an instant. If so, wouldn't they have some perception of this and have reported it to someone? Maybe not, because that would spoil the religious story.

   Now explain to me what the angels did here. Maybe they directed traffic while god himself controlled the scene using me and others like a puppet. From the time religion was injected into this story I was hearing this nonsense. One friend said "I don't care what you say. I still believe in god." It was as if she thought a god had to be added into this situation. Why? It then comes to my mind that if I reject a godly intervention does it mean I am automatically rejecting your god? Why does that bother you when the incident happened to me and not you?

   The purpose of this post in a nutshell is that religion continues to make things up and they feel threatened if you do not believe it and go along with it. This is how religion survives.

   I didn't write this to get a lot of well wishing. Many of us have had similar things happen. If you comment please direct your thoughts to the religious absurdity that superstition generates.

   Any thoughts?


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One thing I notice repeatedly is that god is untouchable because he lives in another universe somewhere. This is what modern belief has done to religion. Believers tell me "you don't think that the inventor of the computer lives inside the computer do you?" Suddenly I see the ignorance that wants you to believe that one person "invented computers" added right in with "you can't touch my god because he doesn't live in a physical universe."

OK. To me that means your god is dead. If an invisible being pops in and out of your universe without leaving any evidence of the fact, that tells me your invisible being is imaginary. You are simply making things up. Religions have always done so, and I cannot believe that as a younger man I fell for all of it. This is a game that superstitious people play. They accuse us of being "angry" but they get very angry when you don't want to play.

This is also the reason that many faith-heads claim that any attempt to validate god-claims through scientific examination is invalid.  Apparently, since their god doesn't reside within our universe, we can't examine the things that he supposedly does within our universe ... despite the fact that the proposed things that he does within the universe are supposedly happening within the universe ... and science can only examine things that happen within the universe ... sooooooo ...

God works in mysterious ways, don'tcha know.

Yeah, the placebo effect?  God at work, right there.

Joseph, you're a genius! You've just explained how God interacts with the real world.

Sadly, this sort of shit is taken seriously by far too many people.  We joke about it, but lots of moderate Christians have the most pathetically sincere arguments about how Jesus really healed people.  Here's one article that I just turned up with a quick Google search, on ... surprise, surprise, HuffPo:

Jesus the Healer

[explanation of the placebo effect]

These findings are relevant to the ongoing debates about Jesus as a healer. University of Heidelberg (Germany) New Testament scholar Gerd Theissen has recently presented an analysis of Jesus’ healings that dovetails nicely with what modern research tells us about the placebo effect (see his chapter in the book The Problem of Ritual Efficacy, 2010, Oxford Press). First off, Theissen rejects all arguments that Jesus’ healings are inauthentic. Some scholars have contended that the historical Jesus performed no “miraculous” healings — these were added much later in an attempt to bolster his messianic credentials. Theissen finds no convincing evidence of this. The Jewish Messiah was not necessarily expected to perform miracles, he contends, and the earliest accounts of Jesus assume miraculous deeds. Thus, the notion that they were added later is unfounded.

There's just so much wrong with that whole line of reasoning; it's scary.  When you have a bunch of anonymous documents written decades after the supposed events, by people who clearly understood fuck-all about Hebrew theology, you don't need evidence of things inserted after the actual events.  You don't have a reliable reporting of the events in the first place.  Who cares if the miraculous stuff was made up before or after the original made-up stories?

It's sort of like walking on water. So many take this as a real thing and what would be the motive? Is it what gods like to do? Is it the god person proving to you who they really are? What reality would you find in "walking on water?" The very fact that we know this does not happen today escapes modern logic and is then used as proof of something that cannot be sustained. While we take it as nonsense the religious take it as fact.

It's the usual deal, Michael.  They HAVE to have Yahweh in there, supposedly tweaking the situation and making things "better."  Otherwise ... otherwise:




No one to blame or to praise other than themselves, and they just can't deal with that.  Their god amounts to a security blanket, and they are as dependent on it as Linus of Peanuts fame was hooked on his.  And really, whether things were better or not, Yahweh still gets the kudos, whether it's a miracle you survived or god just needed another angel.

Once again, this is the behavior of people who are SCARED – scared of their god, scared of displeasing him, scared of death and of hell.  Nuts, if they wanted something scary, they should look in a mirror!

I don't know about other religions, but mormons preach that if something bad happens to you, it's because you were not living god's commandments.  Some scriptures get quite specific as to doing what will give what blessings, and disobeying what will give what punishments.

So, if you're an atheists, you're not living his commandments, so he will not bless you.  

I've pointed-out to my brother that I've been disobeying many of god's commandments for 20 years, yet nothing any worse has happened to me than him or any of my mormon relatives.

Still, that doesn't seem to impress him.

Atheists may live good and fruitful lives but the believer knows despite that, atheists are going to hell when they die.  They'll get their just punishment one way or another, whether in this life or the next.  

I think most of my mormon relatives believe if I don't repent, I will be in spirit prison for a long time after I die, fearfully looking for god's just punishments, and eventually be assigned a lower kingdom, even the worst, "Outer Darkness", for eternity, even if I don't suffer here for my sins.  

That would mean that even though they go to church all the time, and claim to be strong believers, they don't totally believe because they ignore the mormon scriptures that say there will be lack of blessings and punishments in this life for sin, and are specific about what they are.

Of course, part of that contradiction they write-off as misinterpretation of the scriptures, or perhaps they think I'm lying, and really suffering without god.  They have to in order to continuing to believe.

Yes. An invisible immaterial being gave me an invisible immaterial part and that part will live forever. It might be true if you would take the religious superstition out of it, but nobody knows.

BTW, if it's invisible and immaterial how do you prove it's real?




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