On the 20th I totaled out my work truck. This is a fact that I'm only using here to point out a situation with religious believers. Yes, I'm glad that I'm OK but I attribute the fact of this to my wearing of a seat belt and nothing more.

   My circumstance was exactly this. In a driving rain I went onto the freeway and quickly hit something which was likely too much water. My truck hydroplaned and I could not regain control. Suddenly I'm spinning like a top and off between the 2 highways bouncing off the center divider cable, coming to rest with my truck facing opposite of the direction I was traveling. It all happened so quickly.

   In the aftermath of it all, there went my perfect driving record. I barely had time to recall my last thoughts - " I'm going to be hit by 4 or 5 cars and possibly a tractor trailer truck." These vehicles were out there but nothing like that happened. The accident involved only me spinning out of control.

   Later on some are saying how god saved me. I simply said that I am fortunate and that seat belts save lives. That wasn't good enough for many who heard the story. They knew that god had a hand in it.

   OK, I'm game with this for a moment. Explain to me what god did. Am I to believe that all the other traffic on that freeway was miraculously placed in a different timeframe and guided away from me by a higher power? This all happened in an instant. If so, wouldn't they have some perception of this and have reported it to someone? Maybe not, because that would spoil the religious story.

   Now explain to me what the angels did here. Maybe they directed traffic while god himself controlled the scene using me and others like a puppet. From the time religion was injected into this story I was hearing this nonsense. One friend said "I don't care what you say. I still believe in god." It was as if she thought a god had to be added into this situation. Why? It then comes to my mind that if I reject a godly intervention does it mean I am automatically rejecting your god? Why does that bother you when the incident happened to me and not you?

   The purpose of this post in a nutshell is that religion continues to make things up and they feel threatened if you do not believe it and go along with it. This is how religion survives.

   I didn't write this to get a lot of well wishing. Many of us have had similar things happen. If you comment please direct your thoughts to the religious absurdity that superstition generates.

   Any thoughts?


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Thomas, these graphic photos say it all. My heart breaks when I see such conditions. I have two files, Extreme Wealth and Extreme Poverty, where I collect such images. Thank you for sharing. 



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