I was just on the way home from my daughter's gymnastics class and had to drive past the local Catholic church, which my wife grew up attending.  They seem to have lost a letter on the sign out in front, which read "Come celebrate with us!  ass at 5pm."

Nearly ran the stoplight because of the giggles that this caused for me.

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What they fail to tell you is that the priests are the ones who will be getting the ass.
This is true.
I suspect there was vandalism by the neighborhood kids.
A few years ago, I saw a skating rink that had a sign out for a "Skate with Santa" night.

Someone had juxtaposed the letter though, so it read "Skate with Satan."
The best misspelled sign I ever saw was at the local Burger King. The main sign said "Try Our Anus Bugers" It stayed like that for a week before someone changed it to say "Try Our Angus Burgers"
Wish I'd have taken a photo.




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