Outrage: Some Universities Get Taxpayer Dollars Despite Banning Wom...

By getting exemptions from anti-discrimination rules, religiously affiliated schools can collect public money, yet ban unmarried individuals, pregnant women, single mothers and LGBTQ people.

... exemption from Title IX regulations, in effect allowing the university to continue to collect federal dollars for scholarships and sports programs despite banning unmarried, pregnant students; women who have had abortions; single mothers; and LGBTQ people from attending classes or working on campus. [emphasis mine]

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Good night ... yet another one for the FFRF and ACLU to sort out ... and they damned well should!

The tremendous battles my Mom and Grandmas fought to gain equality of opportunity continues with my daughter, granddaughters, and great-granddaughter! Values held by some religious attempt to keep women as second class citizens. Well, we are up to the battle. We have had some experience with gender inequality, we experienced it as nonsense.  Education makes a huge difference. Women lawyers, doctors, and construction workers will not be intimidated by fools.

Remember the old video, "Why Do People Laugh at Creationists By Thunderf00t"? It is far too long to sit down and watch the whole thing; if you stay with it long enough, you can recognize patterns of fallacies in the logic of creationists.
Religious creationism is just naturally funny!
I'm not a mathematician, physicist, chemist, geneticist, and Thunderf00t may be totally off base with his position; however, creationists make foolish mistakes that I do recognize.




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