Can anyone tell me why there are NO funny, specifically religious, comedians?  I was youtubing some videos, and seriously, its just sad.  The funniest part was when a guy in his thirties was proud he was still a virgin~ "yay to higher possibilities of sexual disfunction!" 


Anyone want to speak on this?

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Although they try, religionists can't really tolerate any humor except maybe about us atheists.  They also get incensed when we ridicule them about their absurd beliefs.  They consider it as bad and evil as one of their major sins, at least as bad as violence.  Apparently, so do some of our fellow atheists who are reluctant to ridicule even the likes of nasty characters like Pat Robertson and Antonin Scalia.
I'm guessing they are only doing humor that is within very narrow lines of "appropriateness" and that is why they are not funny. Usually something that is actually funny is unexpected, shocking, or could be at least mildly offensive to someone.

What do you mean by "specifically religious" comedians? 

I think Stephen Colbert is hilarious and he is a practicing Catholic (and actually teaches Sunday school).  Dane Cook also is Catholic and sometimes talks about religion in his standup.  Personally, I find Cook to be average at best, but he is very popular.

Probably means "Christian comedian", like "Christian rock band", someone who has marketed themselves specifically as Christian (or whatever religion) which means narrowing their subject matter usually.


There are also comedians who use their religion as material...Jewish comedians are known for making fun of themselves! Still probably wouldn't sit well with the more devout members of the religion.

Most Jewish comedians are Reform Jews and many, if not most, don't seem to actually believe in a deity.  They seem to be like Biblical scholar Robert M. Price, an agnostic who goes to an Episcopal church just because he is interested in the rituals, pagentry, and community aspects of the church, even though he doesn't believe God exists.

Because the basis of comedy is poking fun at things which are awkward to poke fun at.  Religionists realize (whether they'll ever admit it or not) that they are the ones on the shakiest ground here, as their primary ace-in-the-hole when ramming their views down the throats of any who will listen is to be totally offended when someonemakes light of their beliefs-or whe someone makes too heavy of their beliefs for that matter.  A friend of mine who asked me why I wouldn't even consider going to church with her was put off when I said "because I have yet to see any dead guys walk around and then take off flying".  I think I was being as serious as I could be, in light of the fact that Christians are really supposed to believe such things.  

  So apparently whether you are genuinely laughing at them or asking them to show some evidence for their rediculous claims, everything offends them. Not a very good position for a comedian.   

Les Athees Napoleoneinne - VikingTrance

I find American television evangelists very funny. They amuse me but it would also amuse me to torture on of them.

I found Dane Cook's joke about Atheism funny. If you can't appreciate self-irony, you can't appreciate life.
Hmm, do you have higher possibility of sexual dysfunction by being a virgin at a late age? I'm just curious.




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