I'm compiling a list of businesses that try to promote the religion of the owners..

I'm interested in national or regional chains that people might patronize without knowing the religious agenda. (not obviously religious businesses, like Christian bookstores).

I plan to avoid these companies and suggest you do the same.

My focus has been on American companies but readers in other countries are encouraged to contribute too.

If you know of business chains that promote religion in any way large or small, or who discriminate against the non-religious in hiring, I would appreciate a comment here with some information.

Here's my current list:

Hobby Lobby:
Flagship of the dominionist Christian empire of the Green family. Has run ads calling the USA a 'Christian nation'. Other affiliated businesses include:
Hemispheres ( home decor design)
Crafts Etc.! (craft supplies)
Hong Kong Connection (an import/export company dealing in Chinese goods)
Greco Frame and Supply

In-n-Out Burger:
Bibles verse citaions printed on cups and wrappers

Alaska Airlines:
Passes out prayer cards with meals.

Chik Fil A:
Each Monday morning employees ... attend a half-hour devotional service led by a staff member or a visiting minister. This quote, ... graces the entrance to (Chick-fil-A) headquarters: "To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us--to have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A."

Ship with Sam (Sam Kholi transport ):
Trucking company / Xtian ministry Has "Jesus Christ is Lord - not a swear word" on the sides of their trucks.

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... The company "Ship with Sam" has one of their truck drivers living beneath me..

The guy parks his rig in an empty lot across the street, originally he would bring his dog into our no-dogs-allowed apartments, when the management caught him on it, he began tying the dog to the truck across the street without food or water for several hours.

I've tried contacting the company itself, the local PD and the ASPCA.. surprisingly all four numbers on the shipwithsam . com website don't work.

Does this sound like a company that is following their own beliefs, hiring drivers like this?

You're right to complain about that sort of rude behavior. If the phone number for Ship With Sam isn't listed, a letter to the company may have some impact. Thanks.
JET BLUE owner David Neeleman is super Mormon. Here's what it says about him in a article I happened by:

"He's a father of nine who is so deeply religious that he charters planes or buys blocks of seats to fly Mormon faithful and potential converts to church conventions."
He has powers and abilities far beyond those of mormon men! His flies around on a ten-speed and has a backpack full of faith! He can hear your cries early on Saturday morning and saves the day by dropping of stacks of Watchtowers on unsuspecting heathens!
His name is ELDER DAVEY!
I am glad I read this post. I took a quick look around the Australian business scene, and was absolutly stunned by some of the companies that I found with christian connections. The scary part is some of them seem to use thier business profits to create these "mega chuches" and to place CEOs and other high ranking business types in large corporations. That just gives me the willies.
The big problem is not the companies that are public with their religion, it's the companies that hide their bias and discrimination. Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube
Can you give some examples of how those companies are biased and/or discriminate?
Chick Fil A......there goes my chicken sandwhich needs.
Sierra Trading Post has religious quotes on the website as you check out.I think it was on the very last page. It was too late !!! I couldn't cancel my order. Now that's evil.
I agree with you Verne. I don't much care about the beliefs of the owner of a company. I'll do business if I think they are ethical and stand behind their products. I will not do business with a firm that discriminates in any way including religious discrimination. If a firm requires its employees to be Christian (or Atheist) or requires participation in prayer or some such and I know about it, they are on my black list.
I agree that not all expressions of a point of view are equal. Some, like bible verses on cups, are low-key and others, like mandatory employee devotional services, are more coercive. However, as an atheist who is considered evil and immoral by many of those "moderate" christians, I will continue to avoid any company that promotes the religion (or bigotry) of the owner. Even when not done coercively, it's just in bad taste and will offend some of your customers or employees. Just as it would be in bad taste to display an atheist symbol or slogan in an otherwise religiously neutral business. Individuals are, and should be, free to express their views. If someone wants to display a Jesus fish on their car, that's fine. But if they display it in their hardware store, I'll avoid that store.

And if you want to see discrimination based on religious views, ask just about any christian if they'd vote for an atheist or knowingly hire one to work in their business. Ask them what they'd think if their child decided to marry one... or (gasp!) become one. I won't be concerned for the poor oppressed christian majority anytime soon.




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