I'm compiling a list of businesses that try to promote the religion of the owners..

I'm interested in national or regional chains that people might patronize without knowing the religious agenda. (not obviously religious businesses, like Christian bookstores).

I plan to avoid these companies and suggest you do the same.

My focus has been on American companies but readers in other countries are encouraged to contribute too.

If you know of business chains that promote religion in any way large or small, or who discriminate against the non-religious in hiring, I would appreciate a comment here with some information.

Here's my current list:

Hobby Lobby:
Flagship of the dominionist Christian empire of the Green family. Has run ads calling the USA a 'Christian nation'. Other affiliated businesses include:
Hemispheres ( home decor design)
Crafts Etc.! (craft supplies)
Hong Kong Connection (an import/export company dealing in Chinese goods)
Greco Frame and Supply

In-n-Out Burger:
Bibles verse citaions printed on cups and wrappers

Alaska Airlines:
Passes out prayer cards with meals.

Chik Fil A:
Each Monday morning employees ... attend a half-hour devotional service led by a staff member or a visiting minister. This quote, ... graces the entrance to (Chick-fil-A) headquarters: "To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us--to have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A."

Ship with Sam (Sam Kholi transport ):
Trucking company / Xtian ministry Has "Jesus Christ is Lord - not a swear word" on the sides of their trucks.

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Forever 21. They have John 3:16 printed on all of their bags.
http://www.countrybobs.com/ This company sells a steak sauce that is very similar to A-1. The bottles are printed with a fish and a religious testamony from Bob. This crap is sold at the Walmarts in my area, possibly even nation wide. Their website is proof enough of their loyalty to jeebus.
The largest of the corporate Xtian wingnuts has to be Amway, with such notables in the family like Erik Prince of Xe (formally Blackwater)
Goedekers in STL...sells furniture I believe.
Do you count Dr.Bronner & the lunatic ravings on the side of his magic soap- which does work very well... ???



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