Hey, name's George. I'm new here and have a bit of a quandary.

So, this coworker of mine has seemingly taken up the challenge of "saving my soul". I'd been reading the Bible at work recently, and when I told her the reason was to study its inconsistencies and mock its message; well, I wish I could describe the look of fear and horror on her face.

We got into a short discussion yesterday involving how I'm wrong to treat women as people and not objects or slaves (as apparently she'd like to be treated), and how an event that would kill millions of people would apparently be viewed as a positive thing by herself and others.

Thankfully; my shift finished before we'd spoken too much. I had an excuse to leave. I don't really care if she thinks she "won" or not. She's a friend of mine, and I've lost friends before; when discussing my lack of faith.

I figure the best I can hope for is to try to change subjects. This may be difficult; she was very pressing yesterday. My head still rattles about how someone could call the Crusades and the Inquisition "good, Christ-inspired events".

Any suggestions? I lost a potential girlfriend over this in the past (my unwillingness to treat her as a slave or object being a major point of contention). And; I know it's a very old and difficult question, probably without an answer, but why would otherwise intelligent people believe this?

PS: Yes, I am planning on moving far away from this Bible focused area. Hopefully this year.

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Tell me where to find these women that want to be treated like slaves!!
Come to the south. Where all that book-learnin' ain't be makin' a lick o' sense.

I truly do love my backwards, delusional, hillbilly family.
Yeah, I have a house that they can paint. I will even feed them lunch for the duration of their stay. :O)

I'm thinking that I might want to be careful when I read the Qu'ran next...
It strikes me as strange that her faith coincides with the tragic loss of her brother years ago in an automobile accident. I suppose it's the use of faith as a crutch.

Although I've had my own share of tragedies; which have led me away from faith.

And I'd actually rather avoid further debates with her. I'd rather be a nonbeliever with delusional friends now than be without friends....Well; to be truthful, I'd prefer to not have delusional friends...but you take what Zeus gives you (or whatever his name is at the moment).
Just tell her you don't vwant to discuss it anymore. If she tries to,just remind her you don't want to hear it, get quiet,walk away,go to the bathroom,etc.
Point well made Steve...I totally agree.
eh? decoy talk of historical babylon? c'mon
once you throw the god stuff down at work/job, your just asking for it.




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