Alright, here's the task. Recently some people on Facebook have been posting their views of religion in notes and claiming why they think Christianity is correct. Obviously this has sparked huge debates. I decided at first to not get involved, but the time has come where something must be done. Neither side of these debates knows how to argue their point properly and it's getting really frustrating. I've decided to write a note explaining why being agnostic or atheist is the most logical decision and why Christianity and other major religions are almost certainly wrong.
Since there is a size limit on these notes I need suggestions on the information about atheism I should include, information about Christianity, how the note should progress, etc...
Your help with this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I believe the undoing of all dogma is the incredible ignorance of the people that created it. The knowledge base of the Stone/Bronze Age people that created and disseminated this dogma is minuscule to what we know today. Why they would rather believe some ignorant, superstitious, cave-dweller from 2000 years ago over the knowledge we've accumulated through modern science and reason is mind boggling.



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