My workplace sponsors a monthly discussion group concerning subjects such as diversity in the workplace, different cultural experiences and personal interaction. I have been asked to facilitate the next meeting which will be devoted to relegion. We have a number of different nationalities at work, and I suspect a number of relegious also beside Christianity.


I thought I would ask for your ideas as to how to frame the discussion, and what would you ask this diverse group.



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Probably not be able to do the survey, but I can ask each person who attends. That might be an interesting way to begin the discussion.

Nice idea about the quotes, and I checked out the site you suggested also, thank you. I will post the results of this discuussion next month.
I would prepare a speech or read an article about diversity of religion in the workplace. Maybe even something that addresses how to have your personal expression of said religion and still remain professional. Iwould not in way way out anyone as to what they believe in. That would be an HR nightmare, not to mention that it may cause some animosity towards people who believe differently then each other. Hold a Discussion at the end of the article where people could talk about it in the remaining amount of time. You could prepare some questions based on the article or hold a free discussion about it. I personally would pose a few non colored, non loaded questions and then step back and moderate the discussion to make sure it didn't get out of hand. If the people in the discussion time out themselves, then that is their own prerogative. It just seems like this sort of thing would be a bit out of line in most workplaces, you must have an awesome job!
Obviously you will want to promote a "secular" workplace environment because this is the best way to level the playing field for those with disparate religious perspectives. It would be easy to relate this to politics or the other way around to make a further point about the importance of secularism.




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