Last night, I believe it was, I had a dream that, if I were some sort of theist, would likely have inspired me to heights of proselytization.  Whatever events had happened beforehand I forget, but at the beginning of what I can remember, I was standing on the porch of my parents' house, at night, with the yard cast in much darkness, illuminated only by a light source up on the porch.  I was surprised to see a man, a really very tall man, standing in the yard.  His face was smothered with shadow; I couldn't see a single feature of it.  I get the impression that he and I had an exchange of a few words, such as if I had stepped just out onto the porch and asked him who he was and what he was doing standing so sinisterly in my yard like that.  All of a sudden, the light failed.  I quickly restored the light--flipped a switch, or turned a flashlight back on, or whatever.  It took less than two seconds.  The man had been just twenty feet away from me out in the yard before the light failed, but just as I got the light back on he was standing right before me, his face still black in shadow.  Hmm, I guess it must have been the overhead porch light, then, 'cause if I'd been holding a flashlight, I could have just shined it right up at his face or something.  Basically the light'd've had to be coming from above him.  Anyway, I then did that sort of non-chalant, "yeah, I really don't care." kind of thing I do most of the time in real life and said something like "You're pretty light on your feet, I see." even though I was really quite alarmed at his ability to move so quickly and silently and his further lack of respect for his not being invited into or around my home.  Included in my comment to him was a question like I think I asked him while he was still out in the yard.  He responded with something like "I am He-Who-Doesn't-Have-A-Name." or "I am he who is called 'I am.'.".  He identified himself as something deepity-sounding and full of capital letters.  I knew it to be true.  It was very significant-feeling.  Whatever he called himself, it was something dependent upon christian mythology in some manner.  The tone in his voice was that of "That thing that I told you to quit fucking doing earlier--quit fucking doing it.  I'm not going to tell you again." or something similar, depending on your dialect.  Unremembered details aside, he was, he represented and I understood and "knew", an agent of Mr. Yahweh.


At some point, I think, some second guy, also tall and shadow-faced was standing beside him, delivering effectively the same message, bolstering the validity of the first man's claims by his presence and agreement.  For part of a second during this dream, I ceased to not believe.  I was like "Holy shit, this stuff is real..."  Subsequently, the nagging of dishwashers and honeybees brought me back as always: "But the ideas are inconsistent like a mathematically inconsistent system of equations.  If the universe exists, then what I've heard can't be true, regardless of what I'm seeing now--which is just two creepy dudes with blacked-out faces making vague remarks." (my implicit thoughts)


What's sad though, is that the tall, scary guys are obviously the big, tall guy from Happy Madison--with the shirt that said "Guns don't kill people; I kill people".  I keep adding hoods to them after the fact, as well, obviously from YouTube's GrapplingIgnorance--great channel, by the way--who obscures his identity so he can keep his job.  In conclusion, lol my brain is not clever.

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