Who among us doesn't want the best for our children? Often, parents are certain they know what's best for their progeny, even if their offspring don't. And, of course, if the children rebel, they need to be brought back in line. A long and proud tradition which dates back to Bronze aged middle eastern cattle and human sacrificing nomads who were enjoined to publicly stone a rebellious son to death. (Deuteronomy 21:18-22).

In Islam, this tradition is known as honor killing. If a child, especially a female, brings dishonor on the family by falling in love with a man to whom her parents have not betrothed her, the obvious remedy is to kill her. Even a suspicious hint of anything romantic or flirtatious is enough to trigger a trip to the local quarry to stock up on rocks for the public stoning. She has brought dishonor on the family, and the only way the males of the family can heal their wounded pride is by brutally taking her life.

This tradition still lives in all its bloodthirsty and brutal glory. Yesterday, in the city of Lahore, a woman was stoned to death for having the audacity to marry someone not approved by her family. This was not, however, a private family affair done in a remote mountain village. The woman was murdered with rocks, bricks, and clubs, by her family, on the Courthouse steps of the second largest city in Pakistan. And, done in full view of a crowd, of whom not one single individual lifted a finger to help her. And, considering it was done in front of a Courthouse, you would think there might be a police officer or two who would intervene. You would be wrong. Everyone of the killers got away, except for her father. And, the only reason he is in custody is because he voluntarily turned himself in.

It is estimated that last year alone, there were over 900 'honor killings' of women in Pakistan and Afghanistan. This, of course, does not include those done in Europe and the US, which are falsely labeled as something other than honor killings. (Read Ayaan Hirsi Ali's book Nomad,  for an in depth discussion of Islamic honor killings in the west).

Article about the Lahore slaughter is here. And, for a description of what this entails by a woman who survived on honor killing, read this.

Religion. Promoting loving family values since 3,000 BCE.

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That's right on, ky. It seems that only the females dishonor the families.

More like the female dishonor the MALES, particularly the husbands.  Nothing like petty, egotistic, privileged men to muck things up.

From what I see, it depends on how you define 'values'. The argument you are proposing gets back to the long-debated issue regarding absolute morals as derived from gawd as vs. relative morals from the humanistic standpoint that change as time changes over the centuries.


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