Religious homophobes in Arkansas get judicial smack-down

The tyranny of the (religious) majority thwarted in the great state [sic] of Arkansas.

A district judge overturned a 2008 piece of legislation that endangered children's chances of being adopted and steamrolled the rights of unmarried couples and singles hopeful of adopting.

The 2 page ruling and brief article can be found at this link.

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Well, now I'm curious in what states I could still be refused the rights to adopt simply because I refuse to marry.
Well, there is an appeal process if the state's attorneys office feels like taking the time, so Arkansas may well be one of those places again at some point. This doesn't affect most people unconcerned with the small corners of the earth, but that's how it starts. Sort of like web worms in trees, you just have to nip it early.




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