Waiting for my allergy shot today, I was startled to see a stealth religious magazine in the pile of magazines left for patients to read.  It was subscribed to by the doctors' office. 

"Stealth" because on the cover, it looked like a newsmagazine or a general interest magazine.  The only sign of religiosity on the cover was an article on "The Bible and the Big Bang". 

Unhappy about having bad propaganda sitting out for people, I put it someplace nobody will ever find it. 

You may be used to this in the South, but I live in a very liberal town in upstate NY and I've never encountered a religious magazine in a doctors' office. 

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Unhappy about having bad propaganda sitting out for people, I put it someplace nobody will ever find it.

Thank you!!

Most of us don't tend to walk around with copies of counter-propaganda like "Kissing Hank's Ass" to leave in appropriate places.

When I encounter an evangelist handing out conversion tracts, I'll gladly take one, to take it out of circulation, and quietly recycle it. (Or if it's an unattended pile, I'll take more than one!)

I remove stickers that warn me against cursing and other reli nonsense. I put the stickers where they belong; in the trash. It's so strange that nobody ever asks me why.

I once stole a children's Bible story book from an ER waiting room.  It said dinosaurs were created on the sixth day.

Glad you put it in an appropriate place.

I think I would bring the magazine to the attention of the recptionist there and say to her, "I found this magazine here, so I'm thinking of canceling my appointment and just going home to pray about getting better. Do you think that would work?"

Strangely, if you stand on one leg and hold your tongue in you mouth just right, gently biting down, it just might work. For good results also, you could shut your eyes. Knock three times on the ceiling.

Perhaps the real answer would be to demand equal time for a magazine to deconvert people.
There are a lot of ideas people give as evidence for believing in God.
Such as the Big Bang as a creation event. Or "how could life have started without God".
A magazine with articles on such subjects would be superb. Is there any such thing? 
Or one could leave a similar book in hotel rooms. Perhaps looking superficially like a Bible, so the hotel staff wouldn't disturb it.

Grinning Cat- that's an excellent idea. If I'm ever in that situation, I'll ask for as many copies as they can spare so I can hand them out to everybody at work. LOL!

BUT, it could backfire, as the person would be encouraged, and it would create a market for extra copies. So I dunno.

Nice work Luara, I'd also be tempted to write "SERIOUSLY??" somewhere inside. Although.....I was listening to YouTube today, the video of "The Four Horsemen" (Hitchens, Dennett, Harris and Dawkins) having a chat.

At one point, one of them said how silly that the bible said light was created before the sun and the stars. Hitchens replied, "Well, that does actually describe the Big Bang- first that happened, then the galaxies and stars formed." Which is pretty funny, but they all agreed that christians would see that as divine prophecy, as if it actually explains ANYthing.

I'd also be tempted to write "SERIOUSLY??" somewhere inside.

I didn't want people to read it at all, because the "Big Bang implies God" idea has too much believability for people.  But it would be better to have something answering that idea, such as a cosmologist's theory about "before the Big Bang". 

True. If somebody told me that god was behind the big bang, I'd say sure, until we find out more about what caused it. People used to think that lightning and thunder were god(s). "God is an ever receeding pocket of ignorance."

God is an ever receding pocket of ignorance. Christine, I like that!




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