Here's a, "what would you do," question. 

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Haha, just had a great thought...

... ask them to prove they haven't made a profit.

... demand it in a format compatible with your accounting software.
With Christians, "testimony" is everything, so you showing grace and generosity as an atheist will prove they maybe should look at atheists with less hatred.

Think of it as an opportunity to make the world a better place by breaking down walls between people. Religion puts up walls, and when we break one down, we are fighting ignorance.

(I do software too and am regularly in the exact same position you are...and have found this personal policy to work quite well)
Yes, that would help, its usually the first thing I tell clients to clear up any potential future "gotchas" for them.

That said, if you dont, and just do it, its almost better because then if they ever do figure it out some day (probably would by you not saying ... "I'll pray for you" incessantly like they do, or talking about what god has blessed you with etc.), it gives you even more cred.
Yeah, I'd have gone for that - lets face it, the actual cost of the materials (CD, manual etc) would be covered by one annual support fee?

Then again, they may claim it is a "miracle" that they got free software, or that you gave them it for free because they had prayed for it...
If they are paying an annual fee to use your program, then you are benefitting from giving it in the long run. If you demand they pay, they may instead use another program. It's not about religion when it comes to finances. You're not going to prove a point by denying it to them.
Suggest they ask God for it. "I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven." Mt. 18.19.
I suggest that you take the money! After all you could donate it to Atheist Nexus and wouldn't that be great!




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