I post scientific stuff and some of it is pointing at the absurdity of religious claims/history/geographical errors and other things that are impossible. Not in a mean or cynical way either.  They rant and rave, so things like well that's the old testament, you're not supposed to take this literal, this is not saying the earth is flat, I'm going to hell and they're praying for me. Why do we atheists let it slide all the time when they get nuts over the smallest of things? Am I wrong for posting this? 

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Great reply. I don't see why they feel so threatened by science posts lol. 

At least some of them are offended because they IDENTIFY themselves with their faith.  So when you attack their faith, you might as well be attacking THEM.  They can't reason a way to respond to your attack, so of course, they get upset!

Not true in all cases, but true often enough, sad to say.

You're definitely not wrong for posting it. I actually commend you for posting things that aren't considered "cynical". It's hard for me not to do that. I also just LOVE the "you're not supposed to take this literally" double-standard. Certain verses are okay to take literally because that's what is convenient for them (such as verses in Lev 18). If it's not convenient (such as Lev 19), then you're supposed to take it figuratively or metaphorically.

I do have a question for you. Once they post on your status, do you debate with them? I live in North Carolina where I'm SURROUNDED by ignorance, including my facebook account. Yet no one even attempts to reply to my anti-theism posts anymore. I figure it's because most of my friends can't handle a good theological debate. Which I readily give if someone is willing to try me. Maybe if you'd debate with them some you wouldn't get hounded as much. I'm not saying to be mean or arrogant or anything of the sort. But if you want to remain friends with them without them hassling you constantly, that may be the best way. To defend your beliefs against their religious dogma.

Btw, sorry if I come off as a hard ass. It's hard for me to be any other way around here. I feel like a lion stuck in a clan of hyenas.




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