Question for the community:

I was recently at my son's 6th grade public school and I came across the following sign posted in the hallway.

It stated: "Want to learn more about Jesus? Come to Mrs. _______'s room Tuesdays during 6th Grade 2nd lunch to learn about Jesus & grow to become more like Him!" 

I was immediately concerned about crossing the boundary of the separation of church and state. I sent a letter to the school's principal expressing my concerns but I haven't heard back yet.

My question is whether there is more to a situation like this than me walking through the halls and being offended by it. Not that I want it to or am expecting this to escalate, but are there legal implications to a public school teacher posting a sign in the hallway of a public school to bring students into her class during their lunches to learn to "grow to be more like Jesus"? 

What are your thoughts?

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Welp ... time to dust off the Legal Department of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.  I would absolutely contact them ... and let them do what they do so very well ... which is disabuse idiot children like the adults you describe from the clearly illegal actions they are taking!

I'm with Loren. This crap has got to stop. Who, in any public school, has the right to add their religious nonsense to a childs schooling? No one that's who.

Wow, indoctrination during lunch at a public school.  That cannot be good for digestion.

This sounds like something that the Freedom From Religion legal eagles would like to know about, because this behavior needs to be stopped.  My brain starts to imagine all sorts of scenarios.  For example, Mrs. X (the teacher) tells her willing subjects to tell their friends about Jesus.  So, small children do what they are told, and tell their friends about Jesus and how gosh darn wonderful he is.  What happens if this catches on and becomes the "cool thing to do?"  The children that do not want to participate in the Jesus love fest are bullied.  I believe it is known as the "snowball effect."

Why is this teacher employed by a public school if she wants to preach?  There should be no shortage of Christian schools who would orgasm over having her ilk at their school.

Very inappropriate! Lawsuit the bitch through FFRF legal department. The reason you have not heard back from the school's principal is that they don't take this very seriously, or they secretly applaud what this woman is doing. She should stop or lose her job. It's that serious. Problem is, she might still continue in subtle ways like moving to the window in her classroom, looking outside and saying "isn't it such a lovely day that Jesus has made."

Go back to school and see if the sign is still there. If it is take it to the principal's office and ask him if he got the letter you wrote about this from before? Let them know you mean business.

Sadly, I don't think that this is strictly illegal.  My understanding (and I'm not a lawyer) is that it is permitted outside of classroom hours -- these people just weaseled into lunch period.  Many public schools have Christian "clubs" that meet on grounds after hours, and I haven't heard of any that were broken up on legal grounds, though some have succumbed to pressure.  It stinks, because of the invitation of peer pressure, and because grade school aged children are likely to think that it is sanctioned by the school.

My understanding ... is that it is permitted outside of classroom hours....

You're right, Ted.

A ban on government control of content resulted in religious clubs being permitted outside of classroom hours if any clubs are permitted outside of classroom hours.

The school is violating another ban; school personnel are not allowed to take part in such meetings.

If it isn't strictly illegal it should be. Public schools are not churches.

Public school, publicly funded and during regular class hours?  ILLEGAL!!!

What's your point? I was referring to the religious teachings outside of classroom hours.

Hmmm, that is obnoxious to say the least. But I wouldn't worry about it becoming "popular," sounds about as uncool as can be! What teenagers are going to think THAT is cool? The ones who would make their own after-school Christian group maybe, and they're hardly the "cool" kids.

Imagine replacing "Jesus" with "Allah." You can bet the little lunchtime prayer group would be busted up REAL quick!!

It's one thing, under the law, for a group of students to get together before or after school, on school grounds, to have their Bible Club meeting, or prayer meeting. It's an entirely different matter when it is during school hours, and being lead by a taxpayer paid teacher. 

If you challenge this as illegal, and I would since it is, be prepared for the backlash. What you will hear is how you are persecuting them. The truth is, this teacher and her supporters are law breakers - pure and simple. And, whenever they are called out for their illegal behavior, they hide behind their phony persecution complex, and have absolutely no shame about their illegal behavior.

Give them an inch, and they'll  take your children, and other children into their cult. And, they'll do it through peer pressure, ridicule if you disagree, threats, and any other method of intimidation they can think of. They may mow their yard, pet puppies, and hold the door for the elderly at the store. But ultimately, what they are doing is evil. And, that evil needs to be stopped.

I agree Pat.




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