Studying Ancient Rome in 6th grade History class my daughter brings home a work sheet with the following questions
Which passage shows Jesus teaching people?
Which passage talks about Jesus as a historical person?
Which passage tells about Jesus as a healer?
Which passage presents a story Jesus told?
What is the name for the kind of story Jesus told?
...choose from the following passages:
Matthew 2:1, Matthew 14:34-36, Luke 6:27-28, Matthew 18:12-14

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Hm.... if this is a public school, it sounds like they may be violating the separation of church and state. It is okay to discuss the history of religions in school, but I doubt it is okay to use the bible as a textbook in history class or to discuss the bible as if it was factual.
Yes this is public school. I talked to the principal this morning. To make it short....
This is part of the Indiana State approved curriculum. When they hit Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism second semester that is when his phone rings off the hook!
I will be getting a look at the future lesson plans next week. If they are giving other religions the same treatment then I am good with that. I have been assured that this is presented in a context of understanding other cultures and how religion has shaped the world. Looking through the science text book there is ZERO mention of intelligent design and it is very heavy on evolution!!
Bonus: The principal said that he shares my opinions and his son is a very serious Atheist at age 16!
All in all a productive conversation with him but I am still going to contact the ICLU to see what their take is on the state approved curriculum and if this is actually a part of it.




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