I had to post this after my husband told me about it because I'm still steaming a day later.  My husband works in a hospital laboratory and this was his weekend to work.  He went in at 5am yesterday (Sunday), and the other person scheduled for 1st shift did not report to work due to a scheduling error.  He followed procedure and called the on-call supervisor to report the absence, he attempted to call her cell phone two times, once at 6am and then again at noon.  He left messages and didn't get a call back from her until 2pm, he stayed after an hour because he was behind and because someone on second shift called off.  At 2pm his supervisor called and said "I am at church in the morning on Sundays and this time is "sacred" to me, so you just need to understand that is where I am on Sundays."  WTF!!  Why is she more special than other "devout" Christians who come to work and do their jobs, she works in healthcare?  I feel that she stated this knowing my husband was an atheist, trying to tell him that her time and beliefs are more important than his.  We had plans yesterday, and this put a damper on them.I told my husband to report it, if for no other reason that she needs to make arrangements with another supervisor to be on call on Sundays if she's going to unavailable from 6am until 2pm.  What do you all think about it?

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I think proposing that the supervisor work with the lab team and other supervisors to arrange an on-call person for Sunday mornings is more than reasonable. This can probably be accomplished with a few phone calls, an email or two, or even a face to face meeting if necessary. It was unprofessional of her to not have anticipated this, but the best response is a professional one.
I agree, which is why I suggested that he report it so that she can make arrangements. I know it's no good to be unreasonable about problems, I'm mostly upset because we both feel like she was overemphasizing her faith based on the fact that she's aware of my husband's atheism. My husband's response was to wait until she finished saying what she did and then simply report the no-show and call off.
If that's the case the worst thing he could do is feed into it. Workplaces have procedures set up to deal with this sort of problem, so people like your husband can get on with their work and people like her can get told where her religious opinions are best expressed.
I agree and think that she should have been avalible, or found someone that could be avalible during her "sacred" time. But, being in healthcare and working at a hopsital that has very similar issues that your husband has had... I have one question..

Who owns the hospital?

My hospital is a cathloic hospital and.. they would side with the supervisor. Stating it wasn't a life threatining emergency and the call could wait. If it's a private hospital then by all means I'd say file complaint's and stir up some stink, someone will smell it and correct the issue. If it is a religious affiliated hospital, I'd say overlook it. If he is otherwise happy with is job, there is no reason to put himself in the spotlight. Since he is openly athiest it can only mean trouble from EVERYONE. Most religious hospitals have very religious core values and mission statements. He could be fired simply on teh grouns that his values do not line up with those of the company. If there's anything most companies will take aggressibve action on, it's tardy/late/absenteeism. The co-worker will seal thier own fate. I've seen people fall asleep on the job and not get fired, yet they show up late a few times and you'd think the punched the CEO in the face with the walk of shame they have to take out the door lol.
It has no religious affiliation, and actually seems to be quite liberal since I saw brochures there when I had my daughter for birth control and planned parenthood. He did go to her personally and ask that she make accomodations on Sundays so he wouldn't be forced to stay over or work without help. He hates his job in general, and has decided to be more vocal about his rights.
It's a slippery slope but if you invest in foot spikes... and patience

keep all correspondence, evidence by email when possible.

It's quite a shame that people, supervisors of all folks; would bring bs to a science and efficiency issue.
Yikes. Tell the Saint's Revenge, from PA. He'll go to the church of those folks and ask the wtf is going on. Who in their right mind would say bible-capitalism is good for the 'American' economy?
My husband took reported the phone conversation to management who said that if she is on-call on Sunday she needs to answer the page and that they would speak with her. Needless to say she answered her cell phone this Sunday when someone called off.
this is a question unrelated to your topic, but perhaps you can help. Why are so many hospitals affiliated with religions anyways?

I live in St. Louis and damn near all the hospitals are Catholic, Baptist or Jewish. WTF? how did this church/hospital relationship start and why does it continue?
In my town (Erie, PA) there are two hospitals, one is Catholic and one has no relgious affiliation. I don't have a problem with there being a Catholic hospital except for the fact that they accept money from the state, and deny services based on dogma. Our local Catholic hospital does not perform abortions (even some deemed medically necessary), hysterectomies, tubal ligations, vasectomies, nor does it offer any form of birth control.
What does "Catholic Hospital" mean? What is the relationship between the hospital and church besides the name?

I do have a problem if they discriminate based on religious dogma - which apparently they do.
From the update, it sounds as like she straightened up her act but I'm getting that you're offended that she brought up the church thing in the first place. Her sense of entitlement comes from our culture that bends over backwards extending special allowances for religion. Everything from tax exempt status to mail not being delivered on Sundays sanctions that religion gets preferential treatment. I'm glad to hear your husband's management informed her that on-call means answer the damn call and not "Oh but if you're spending special time with Jesus, then by all means, the heathens can wait."




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