I had to post this after my husband told me about it because I'm still steaming a day later.  My husband works in a hospital laboratory and this was his weekend to work.  He went in at 5am yesterday (Sunday), and the other person scheduled for 1st shift did not report to work due to a scheduling error.  He followed procedure and called the on-call supervisor to report the absence, he attempted to call her cell phone two times, once at 6am and then again at noon.  He left messages and didn't get a call back from her until 2pm, he stayed after an hour because he was behind and because someone on second shift called off.  At 2pm his supervisor called and said "I am at church in the morning on Sundays and this time is "sacred" to me, so you just need to understand that is where I am on Sundays."  WTF!!  Why is she more special than other "devout" Christians who come to work and do their jobs, she works in healthcare?  I feel that she stated this knowing my husband was an atheist, trying to tell him that her time and beliefs are more important than his.  We had plans yesterday, and this put a damper on them.I told my husband to report it, if for no other reason that she needs to make arrangements with another supervisor to be on call on Sundays if she's going to unavailable from 6am until 2pm.  What do you all think about it?

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I agree! I'm offended because she over emphasized the fact that the time was "sacred" to my husband who she knew was an atheist from a previous conversation. I doubt she would have said that to a religious coworker, it was patronizing and her tone was belittling. I'm happy that the management saw it his way, they work at a hospital and healthcare is 24/7.



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