Forgive me, but I didn't know where to post this.
How many of AN members watch religious based TV just for chuckles and grins. My wife is afraid I'll be "converted" if I keep it up. I've been watching this shit for more than 25 years and haven't been "converted" yet. In fact, I find it all SO FUNNY! The more emotional these idiots get, the funnier it is. Monty Python couldn't come up with crap like this! I usually watch late at night when I can't get to sleep. Just wondering. I eventually go to bed with the chuckles.

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I'm familiar with the Good News Clubs. Horrible people.  One fanatic seemed to relish the fact he was indoctrinating hadephobia, the fear of hell, to innocent six-year olds. 

Of all the sick, depraved serial killers, and this country had some whoppers, not one of them is as ghastly and sick as the concept of eternal hell.  Think of it:  forever, endless, no hope of reprieve whatsoever. Not even Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dohmer could come up this sick shit.   

In my "Ten Reasons Not To Believe", Reason #1 is that God, being omniscient, knew which creatures were going to go "there" but made them anyway. 

I agree Richard G.  Endless torture is the most ghastly concept I can think of.  It would take an evil person to scare anyone with it.

I think most of those TV "true believers" know exactly what they're doing. I laugh at them, but do realize most of their followers are sad little sheep and I could scream until the mountains fall and they wouldn't listen to me.

I agree with you on Jack Van Impe.  A fear mongerer and it's very unhealthy.  Catch my video on Youtude under "endmeme".  It's dangerous to all humanity and the planet because of the possibility of a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Good one on Rexella.  She's still looks pretty sexy in her 70s.

I hate to see these bums look so spiffy with money they begged from gullible poor people. One Catholic bishop was caught with a fifty-thousand-dollar Rolex last year.  It wasn't stolen but what the heck is he doing with it? 

I was channel surfing one time and came across Jack Van Impe proclaiming what a wonderful christian Abraham Lincoln was and how they were always reading the bible in the White House. I knew right then that you could not believe a word this man says.

What's amazing about this guy is his instantaneous recital of Biblical quotes as it that answers the question or confirms the issue. Issiah (Chapter so and so, Verse so and so) says adulterers must be stoned.  Case closed. 

I hate it when they do that.  Happens all the time. 

Here's some beauties from just Exodus, Lev and Deut.  I have a whole compilation of them. Makes the Bible writers look like a bunch of sadistic screw balls.

Ex. 22:18 - Every witch must be killed.

Ex. 22:19,20 - You must kill anyone who "lieth with a beast," or who worships any god other than Yahweh.

Ex. 31:15 - Anyone who works on the Sabbath must be killed.

Lev. 20:10,13,27 - You must kill adulterers, homosexuals, wizards, and spirit mediums.

Lev. 21:9 - Any priest's daughter who fornicates must be burned alive.

Lev. 24:16 - Blasphemers must be killed.

Deut. 3:4 - God is pleased that his warriors destroyed 60 cities.

Deut. 7:16 - You must kill all the people God delivers into your hands, and "thine eye shall have no pity upon them."

Deut. 13:5 - Any prophet or "dreamer of dreams," who serves another god, must be killed.

Deut. 13:6-9 - If your brother, son, daughter, wife, or friend tempts you to worship other gods, "thou shalt surely kill him."

Deut. 13:15 - If the people of any city worship other gods, you must slaughter them all, including their cattle.

Deut. 17:5 - Any man or woman who worships other deities of sun, moon, or stars must be stoned to death.

Deut. 18:20 - False prophets must be killed.

So where were these Biblical fanatics when General Petreus was porkin' his secretary.  Not one of them said a word. 

For more on this check out my Pot Stories and Humanist Essays.  Just search on "compilation." 

Years ago a friend and I used to stay up all night on Saturdays, cooking, drinking wine, talking.  On Sunday mornings we'd tune in to O.L. Jaggers and "Miss Velma," and laugh our hangovers away.

Their "church" looked liked they'd raided every prop house in town...and went to a lot of costume sales, too. The "mighty golden altar" looked like a rebuilt steam calliope with whirligigs...

I think you can still find videos of "Miss Velma" on YouTube.....she had a voice like a longshoreman.

Yeah, they're still there (even if they "left the building" years ago):


You can't put a bullet through their heads so you may as well laugh at them. I truly believe that the more you laugh at them, even in public, the less power they have.

Laughter IS a potent weapon.  Some of the best animated short films I've ever seen came out of the Burbank cartoon factories during WW2....Disney and Warner's Looney Tunes made our enemies of that time look like jackasses. 

Something we should have done for the Nineteen Knuckleheads who flew civilian airliners into buildings...a faith-based initiative.

PS: Have you ever seen James Randi's expose' of Peter Popoff?  Bizarre!

Popoff, he's another one from outer space. I have a mosquito bite on my big toe.  I wonder if he can get the itch to go away.  Randi's expose should be on Youtube.

If I had someone to watch the knuckle-draggers with, as we made fun of them, I could probably stand to watch some.

You can always pretend their "sky god" is with you and laugh with him! Just a joke, please don't burn (snort) me!


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