Forgive me, but I didn't know where to post this.
How many of AN members watch religious based TV just for chuckles and grins. My wife is afraid I'll be "converted" if I keep it up. I've been watching this shit for more than 25 years and haven't been "converted" yet. In fact, I find it all SO FUNNY! The more emotional these idiots get, the funnier it is. Monty Python couldn't come up with crap like this! I usually watch late at night when I can't get to sleep. Just wondering. I eventually go to bed with the chuckles.

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This is outrageous!  My son just informed me that Randi and Peter Popoff are on Youtube. This video says it all. He made the audience fill out "prayer cards" with personal information, then used the info to amaze and startle them, as proof of his divine calling. 

Shows some people would do anything for money.  "Vile" is the perfect word for him. 

Popoff disappeared for a while after the expose' was aired, or shown, but I've heard that he's been trying to make a comeback.  Guess he's never heard of re-training. 

NOT that I would ever have hired him to work in any accounting office I've been in charge of.

Popoff and his assistants have hidden microphones and they share information. He can then tell the one being prayed for exactly what the problem is. This shows how stupid people are.


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