I get the impression that 9/11 kicked off the atheist movement.  Suddenly atheists acquired a moral authority:  "See what faith can do - no atheist would do a thing like that!" and it was embarassing on some level to religious people in general.

I joined this site because I heard about the Innocence of Muslims movie, and I was delighted that someone was doing what needs to be done:  saying what they think in spite of Muslim violence.  I asked myself "Happy, even though it has incited people to murder?" and the answer is yes.  I looked online to see if other people felt the same way, and this site was one where there were people who did. 

Feeling that way seems to be an atheist reaction, like a lot of people tend to think it's bad to disrespect a religion.  Especially if they're religious themselves. 

I wasn't brought up religiously, so I don't have the antipathy to religion that a lot of atheists do who had to reject religious indoctrination they got as a child, or deconvert from a religion.  Religion doesn't carry much emotional voltage for me.  It would be a bizarre thing to do, for me to go and believe in some religion - without anybody showing me a reason to believe those things. 

But I DO care about intimidation by violence, a lot. 

The people who were religious and deconverted are rather rare birds, I think.  The Christians I knew in college are still Christians.  There is courage and honesty involved in questioning and discarding that powerful childhood religious indoctrination. 

But there are a lot of people who don't believe in a religion, and religious violence tends to align those people with people who do identify themselves as atheists. 

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btw i broke the f out (after many meeting with silly PR deskbot) in HS/ about last quarter of 11th grade...
I wanted my MacOS not god. . . nor bs soap operas n' drugs..




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