Several years ago when I was still living with my mom, she was positively upset about what seemed to be my lack of direction. I was in my late teens and had trouble getting job. As soon as she began her lecture (sitting on chair next to the window), one of the loudest thunders we ever heard rolled, interrupting her little reprimand. It scared the living daylights out of her and she even moved from the seat at the window. Immediately, she began insisting how much that thunder was a sign (along with the several other loud ones that came after), that god was trying to get my attention and that I must listen to her. I just couldn't help laughing cause she was being so ridiculous. tried not to laugh, I really did, because besides the fact that I'm not the type of person who loves laughing at peoples expense, plus she was being quite serious, but I just couldn't stop it. Not getting the fear, apprehension, submission, the dropping to my knees and accepting jesus as my savior, she was gunning for, she just became oh so royally pissed, and said I had to leave her house, cause it's god's house and she doesn't want any atheists in it.
Thankfully she didn't quite get rid of me but, my point is that, it was like my mom had fallen into a kind of drug induced hysteria, brought on by my lack of acceptance for her religious tripe. Religion truly is like drug...that makes people loose it.

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In my opinion, religions can be many things. Marx, I believe, said that religions give consolation to people, so that they can bear with the oppression they suffer. This is close to what you said, that it is a kind of drug. However, it can be much more than that. It can become intellectual tool for governance. Islam is a religion which is used as a means of power. It homogenise people, by eliminating opposition, and subordinate the rest to the religious leadership, this is exactly what ISIL does and Mohammed did. So religions are ideologies. The problem with religions is that as ideologies they become tools for tyranny. Even without interference with politics religions are still awful because they cripple people intellectually preventing them from contributing positively to the betterment of the world.   




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