"Freedom of association is the right to join or leave groups of a person's own choosing" (from Wikipedia)

If someone has a religious name (for example, the surname "Islam"), then does that name imply an association with a religion?

If so, under Freedom of Association, is it their right to dissociate from that religion by changing their name?

By analogy, forcing a non-Muslim to keep the last name "Islam" is like forcing a Christian to wear a yarmulke. However, the difference is, in one case we are talking about a name, and in the other, we are talking about something you wear. But is the analogy valid? Does a religious name imply an association to a religious group?

Some might say that changing your name is your right anyway. Below are two realities about changing one's name in the province of Quebec:

1) The application may get rejected. A religious association is not among the list of acceptable reasons. If the name change is granted by virtue of Freedom of Association, then there should be no chance of getting rejected, nor any requirement to provide any additional justification for the name change.

2) The process incurs fees amounting, in total, to about $350. This includes two publications in a provincial, a municipal newspaper, and the processing fee for the application. If the name change is protected under Freedom of Association, then the government cannot impose fees or other bureaucratic requirements for the name change. It is their obligation to grant the change.

What do you think?

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