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thanks. i was just looking for something to watch. tv sucks.
Thank you so much for that! I had nt had the opportunity to go watch the movie, but sure as hell I'm getting the DVD.
This is the first time i've encountered this problem. The movie stopped, and said that i reached my limit of 72 minutes of video. I can watch the rest later, i guess. Never heard of this b.s. I guess megavideo wants me to be a premium member? b.s.
I found the same thing happened when I tried to watch Stargate Continuum...I was unable to continue it..
Same for this one. I had hoped the Stargate one was a glitch,but apparently not.
I'm not sure if I turned off Ad Block if that would make a difference or not.
Just tried to continue it and the stupid thing starts back at the beginning of the movie rather than where it stopped. also does not have it...
Awesome. I had the pleasure of seeing this in the theatre. Megavideo will do that to ya :(




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